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What Pressure Should A Compressor Cut Out?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

As a general rule of thumb here, you ought to know what you cut – in pressure is first before considering your cut – out pressure … and the reason for why I say this ( nope, I haven’t lost my mind, he he he he heh, as you’ll see … there’s a method to my madness, mwah hah ha ha hahh ) is simply due to the plain fact that that cut – out pressure ought to more than often be around 20 to 40 psi higher than whatever the cut – in pressure in ( and that cut – in pressure can vary, per tool, device, object, etc ) . Keep in mind a little side – tip, as well, as I like to throw some of these out to ya from time to time …. he he he he he heh … that IF your compressor only happens to have a single adjustment screw on it, then you will ( more often than not ) not need to worry about having to set any sort of cut – out pressure at all … whehhh … relieved?

In this case, that pressure will simply just change itself automatically, as you move the single – pressure screw ( differential, of course ) around. Easy enough, right? Simple as apple pie ( and now I’m making myself hungry, he he heh ) …..

Keep in mind that, to set the cut – out pressure itself ( another very important thing that you will want to know … and heck, I might just write another blog – page on that, why don’t I? I think it could be of some value, too, and teach us all more on the matter, he he he heh ) , you will need to just twist your cut – out adjustment screw ( clock – wise for raising the pressure and counter – clockwise for bringing it back down … plain and easy, still, right? You still with me? Nod if you are, ha ha hah ) .

Now if you are wondering what in the heck the cut – out pressure is, why it’s important, and all the rest, then just consider this — they also call this the max pressure ( short for maximum pressure, but you, of course, knew that, I bet … he he heh ) . And when you’re at this pressure, it basically means that there is no air at all ( yup … none whatsoever ) that is being delivered. So if you have no air cutting – out, then you are right at the cut – out pressure. Do keep this point in mind, now …

Most air – compressors I have used have come with cut – out max pressure settings of 120 psi as well as cut – in pressure settings of 90 psi. This’ll give you a basic idea. And once more, thanks for posing this question to us. I hope it has been helpful reading this ….