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Sola - Big Red 3 Magnetic Level 24-Inch

There are a few essential instruments that must be in the toolbox of every architect and constructor. The level is one such instrument. A decent level will ensure that every construction project is accurate and straight. No more decks or shelves that slope.

Using a level, you may ensure that the object you are erecting is square. There are various levels available, and although you may utilize some in multiple situations, others can have a more specialized purpose.

One brand specializes in producing levels for different jobs is Sola. This company has been in this business for over 70 years. But what makes their product so good? Is their novel invention of the Big Red Magnetic Level worth the hype?

Read on to know the qualities of levels that Sola offers. It’ll give you a comprehensive idea the next time you go shopping for construction equipment.

All About Sola Big Red 3 Magnetic Level

Since 1949, Sola has infused measuring and marking equipment with a desire for accuracy. A prominent supplier of spirit levels, screed levels, builder’s levels, and specialist equipment, it is a family-owned company renowned for its ease of use, effectiveness, and innovative design.

Products from Sola are present in more than 70 nations throughout the globe and produced under strict quality assurance requirements. It assures the most incredible performance in each product.

The Big Red 3 Magnetic Level is a stellar offering by the brand and here is all you need to know about it:


Sola: Big Red 3 Magnetic Level 24-Inch: Pros and Cons



Features That Make Big Red 3 Magnetic Level Stand Out

The 24-inch version of the Big Red 3 Magnetic Level comes with many excellent features. However, the most prominent reasons through which they compete in the market are:

It Has Accuracy

You cannot rely on a level to perform its function if it is inaccurate. Level accuracy is possible within a range of tolerances, which may vary depending on whether the conventional or inverted measurement is used. Look for levels with very strict quality standards.

When used typically, 5mm per meter, and when inverted, .75mm per meter are small tolerances that can guarantee the best precision.

Depending on the task, you may need to level all day in various postures and orientations. Use levels that can be used for inverted measurement, which allows the vial to be on the bottom while the level is flush with the item.

You can use Sola Red 24-inch with just one milled area to identify the measuring plate with a metal coating to guarantee you always receive the best reading.

Never rely on levels whose tolerances are not specified or whose margins swing too significantly between the regular and inverted settings. It is of little value to have a level that is accurate in one dimension but inaccurate in the other.

Additionally, the Big Red Level comes with anti-static capsules, which give correct readings in a complex environment. This implies that you still acquire an accurate measurement while operating near a static load.

Promising Durability

Building sites may be dangerous. Even when you follow every precautionary measure, things may be dropped, damaged, or lost. The companies must build a level to withstand the demands of the work site.

Big red is a level constructed of sturdy material, such as aluminum. Moreover, it has fixed, unbreakable vials. Choosing a level with padded and capped ends will protect it from falls and other mishaps.

This level will function effectively in a range of temperatures. Because the vial doesn’t perform well in a chilly temperature, you don’t want to run the chance of getting an incorrect measurement.

Offers Good Visibility

One of the critical elements in evaluating your level’s caliber is the vial’s transparency, which most people often disregard. When you can’t read the vial, it doesn’t matter if your level is accurate or durable.

Consider all the situations when you use your level, including dim lighting, elevated over your head, and proximity. This might make it increasingly difficult for you to see and lower the quality of your work.

It’s critical to comprehend how your eyes discern between colors while considering visibility. Various wavelengths of waves carry different colors. Color is made easier or harder to notice depending on the wave’s duration.

You can perceive the various wavelengths that provide colors thanks to three distinct cones in your eyes.

The Big Red 3 Magnetic Level is ideal in this context since it features big vials along with shaded ends and not just lines. This design aspect makes it easy to see the level. While many other manufacturing brands try to experiment, Sola got it right by making vials as well as the air bubbles bigger in size.

Instead of the conventional bubble lines, the shaded area hugs the bubble ends tightly to create a sharp contrast and reduce the chances of error.

Final Thoughts

Two things can make or break your level. It is your equipment’s accuracy and durability. As presented above, the Sola Big Red 3 level performs exceptionally well in both situations. Although it comes at a premium compared to a few of its competitors, the exceptional features make it a good, one-time investment for every constructor.

I recommend getting the Sola Big Red 3 level to have a smooth experience at work or during a home construction!