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What Happens If You Put A Circular Saw Blade On Backwards?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

What Happens If You Put A Circular Saw Blade On Backwards?

You want to always make sure that the teeth point up and stay that way ; otherwise, you will have a backwards circular – saw blade, which can be, as a matter of fact, both quite a scary and quite a dangerous thing, at the end of the day. If you put the blade on backwards, what will happen is that the saw will then try to pull your blade all the way through the wood … and it can lose course, so to speak, and cut down what’s beneath. You might even have a personal cut or an injury on your hands, if you are not careful. Many people have lost fingers this way. If you are wondering, on that note, which way ( or in other words, in which direction, he he he he heh ) the circular – saw ought to spin ( when it’s on correctly and the blade isn’t on backwards, of course ) , the answer is that those teeth, as I just briefly mentioned to ya, should ALWAYS be pointing up …. right toward the saw’s very base itself. Keep that in mind.

Keep in mind this, too, my friend —- there is the plain fact that there are specific instances in which you can put the blade on backwards ( for certain circular – saws, with certain very specific blades, for instance ) …. and these instances are known as NEVER. HA HAH…. GOTCHA. Yup, never.

Why? Well, because in addition to what I just mentioned here, doing so is also a quick, sure – fire way ( as some like to say ) to break off your saw’s carbide teeth, and even, in some cases, have them fly off at break – neck speeds ( which can be a hazard or hit something or someone, in turn …. I hope you, at the very least, are wearing your safety goggles or glasses, in case this should ever happen to you, he he he he heh ) ….

You want to also take notice of the simple fact that you’ll ruin the blade and have to buy a new one when you put it on backwards. And even though some new circular – saw blades are as cheap as $6, that is still beside the point. Why would you take the risk of injury, damage your blade for no reason, and do something that does not work at all? Seems like a no – brainer to me, he he he he heh …. avoid putting the blade on backwards, at all costs ….

Plus, you get other problems when you try to do this. For instance, dull blades get hot, and you might see some burning. Or you might not be able to cut at all. Or heck, you might just happen to find that you get lots of kickback also . I hope this helps.