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Air Compressor Maintenance

Air Compressor Maintenance

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

I would like to start off by patting you on the back as you have made a very important question to me here and now, my friend …. how do you maintain one of these? And the fact that you want to know this above anything else right now sure tells me that there’s some interest here … you are curious and I want to answer that call of curiosity by providing some insight. Please let me answer your call, oh great reader ….

Now then, the first thing that I would like to talk on, on that note, is simply this —- the fact that many top brands selling air – compressors have come up with checklists, guides and even basic tips to help you ( especially if you’re a newbie to all of this, which I was, too, not too long ago, hw hw heh heh eh he heh hehh … but we all have to start somewhere, don’t we? ) . I have read tons of these myself, put in lots of hours maintaining my own air – compressors, and even watched countless videos on the web and talked to friends who also maintain their own air – compressors. So a bit of the insight ( heck, if not all of it, he he he he he heh ) from which I will share is from my own personal wisdom box of knowledge and experiences, he heh. Now then on that note, what I have learned is this — whenever you maintain your air – compressor, one of the many things that you will always need to be sure to be on the look – out for is this … assessing the pump oil level on your compressor. It’s something that, even as simple and easy as it is, people might over – look or just not do ( for time, laziness, whatever the case ) . It’s important, though, no less ….

And on that note, I would just like to add this as well : The pump – head itself, and all other parts right around it ( that circle or surround it, in other words, he he he he heh ) , are typically very HOT ( high heat temps protruding around it all the time ) . So please do be careful, and if you want to touch to feel the heat, make sure that you touch with the back of your hand ( yup …. not the front, as you will feel a burn right away and can hurt the hand … no bueno ) . Make sure to wear some gloves, too ( tough, thick rubber ones are just fine and will absorb the heat right when you touch the hot areas, while protecting your hand ) . Another thing you want to do is check your air – filler element ( yup … countless YouTube videos taught me this one. See, step – by – step, pros doing it).