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How Long Should It Take To Build Air Pressure?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

I like this question, he he he he heh … are you out there asking it? Well, you’re in the right page, tonight. I want you to read ….

Now, then, my first point of all is this —- that the technical answer is this : The FMCSA ( in other words, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, he he he he heh … and yes, they are the legit government agency experts on this, I might add, of course …. ) has stated that 45 seconds ( or possibly less ) is the ideal time that it takes to build up air – pressure. That is, of course, if it’s going from the typical 85 psi to, say, 100 psi … just to give you a brief idea.

And if you happen to try to be going from 0 psi, ALL THE WAY UP TO 120 psi, on another note, then it can take about 10 – 15 minutes. Yet it all depends … it all depends on the model of air – compressor you are using ( or other products ) and its specs / capacities, etc. That said, there is no “set in stone” sort of single answer to this. Now keep in mind what I am going to share with you next ( it may even blow your mind, he he he he heh … but not literally, because we would not want brains splattering here, he he he he heh ) …..

If you are looking at going from 80 to 135 psi ( pounds per square inch, he he he he heh, in case ya didn’t know, my friend ) , then it’s the same general 45 – second rule here …. a truck going up in psi will typically take that long ( or less, like I mentioned ) , for instance. Or heck, an air – compressor or other similar device will take about the same length of time here, too, on this note. And please observe the following point —- it also all depends on the ideal air – pressure and psi of your device, unit, vehicle, etc. That is why it is not always the same …. yet generally so ( around 45 secs, in cases like these ) .

In general, some air – compressors can even take just a tad bit longer ( like, for instance, 2.5 seconds to get from 0 pressure to full pressure ) . Keep that in the back – burner of your mind, too, as I like to say 9 he he heh ) ….

It all depends, too, of course, if you are starting out with no psi at all ( at a 0 – psi temp or reading, all in all ) . It can, as you could imagine, take just a bit longer to build up that pressure from nothing. Makes sense? I want to thank you for asking ….