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Can You Use A Ryobi Drill As A Screwdriver?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Well, is the Ryobi - drill type that you are making reference to cord – less? Or does it have its cord? Or is it like a hybrid ( cord optional, sort of thing ) ? If Ryobi does not have hybrid – cordage drills like that, then they should seriously start thinking about getting some as it can make all the difference in their sales … I know I would stand in a long customer – line just to try one out, ha hah aha hah ahaha ha ha …. now, the reason that I mention corded vs cord – less, here, is because ….

Well, first of all, most of the time, a corded drill can NOT be used as a screw – driver. But some cord – less ones, can though … and most Ryobi ones I know are cord – less. I have tried Ryobi and been able to use one of its models as a screw – driver … so short answer? Yes … it can be used that way …

Now, there are many more notes of interests, facts, and insights to be told. Let me share them. Let’s go there ….

First of all, here, since corded drills lack a clutch of their own, that is the main reason why you can not use them as a screw – driver. It would basically strip your screw – head right off, if you tried to do that … so please don’t try, unless your specific corded drill SAYS on its box that it can be used that way. Other – wise, why take such a dumb risk? You could end up messing the whole drill and not gaining anything useful by it. Just get a Ryobi cord – less drill, instead …. and you will be able to use it like a screw – driver. There, problem solved, my friends ….

Now, then, you might also like to know that you have to find what’s called the torque – adjusting mechanism … when you look at your Ryobi. It’s got one … make no mistake about that. It’s basically numbered and features different digit – measurements, and you crank it around either clock – wise ( or the other way around, or in some cases, in both directions ) …. much like the hand or wind – up switch on a clock.

Now in this case, a Ryobi drill with such a feature also probably has a clutch — yet it can still be used like a screw – driver ( people have literally used it that way and taken photos of it, and then posted them on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and more … so it can be done and is being done … using the Ryobi – drill like a plain old screw – driver, when the need arises ) . I hope this has helped.

Confusion cleared up a little? Good. That was my aim this time.