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Can I Cut Metal With A Miter Saw?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Can I Cut Metal With A Miter Saw?

Kickback ( from the blade, which warps, as a result of using the incorrect blade, saw, or even cutting material … no joke ) is a problem that can happen. Now, then, though, can you do this or not? That is the question here. Assuming you DO have the right blade and other parts, can you cut metal down with that miter – saw? The simple and direct answer would plainly be yes …. yes, you can. But do keep some things in mind, as I will mention on this page … please read now ….

Now first of all, I would like to draw – out your full attention to me here and now. Put aside any distractions and prepare yourself for lots of learning. Read the page from beginning to end. And here’s my first point on the topic ….

My first point is that you’ll need a great motor and the ideal blade, and the job can be done well, with no issues at all. But these two things are a must. Now, many have wondered and even argued that you can’t use this type of saw to cut on metal, but if you have the two components I just mentioned, then you should disagree with them as you most certainly CAN do this. It is possible. Now, then, the right blade can cut through the metal in the quickest and cleanest fashion, at the end of the day. And the type of blade you will need can depend on the type of miter – saw that you hold in your possession ( and only you, of course, can know that …. but look up compatible blades for your model on Amazon, eBay and more ) ….

And you want, of course, the blade to be sharp, clean and reputable ( from a good brand or supplier, in other words ) . And you want to use a clamp, which will hold the metal down in place as you cut … very important to remember. This gets you cleaner, straighter cuts and keeps the metal from moving out of its spot. Use a pencil to mark your cutting line in advance ; follow the track or line you have marked with it. Stay as close to the line as you possibly can, and if you drift, don’t drift by much. Accuracy and precision are key here, especially when cutting any kind of metal down to the right size and texture, at the end of the day.

You might also keep in mind the fact that certain types of metal ( like aluminum, for example ) are much easier to cut than others. Steel, on the other hand, is a much – harder type of metal and requires more time and patience to properly cut. Keep that in mind. I hope this page has been helpful in sharing some insight on this matter!