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Best Pressure Washer Nozzle For Concrete

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Best Pressure Washer Nozzle For Concrete

I like pressure – washers. If you don’t know what they are, use google. Type it in. You will learn so much. I know I did, especially when I was new to using these for my concrete sidewalks and such. Nuff’ said on that …. let me show you some other stuff, friend ….

Now first of all, I would like you all to just simply pay attention to this point —- the fact that the Red Spray Tip ( 0 - Degrees ) sold by Pressure Washers Direct is my personal ‘best’. I like it above the others. And that’s for a really good reason, too. It delivers everything that I need and is both strong and firm enough to deliver the exact amount of pressure to knock off any gunk, dirt, other debris right off my concrete pavements or walk – ways, which is what I love about it. It’s the most powerful nozzle they feature, and they have earned my repeat business on many purchases …. yes, I have, as a matter of fact, come back again and again just to buy from Pressure Washers Direct. Their nozzles are top – quality, easily – adjustable and all in all, just so much fun to use. Yes …. I did say fun, he he he he he heh … call me a geek who gets his kicks from pressure – washing his front lawn area and more … I don’t mind ( to my wife, I’m a hero, for doing this, he he he he heh he heh … which is also quite fine with me as well, he he heh heh ) …..

With this nozzle, and as you could already guess ( I’m sure, he he heh ) , you get a 0 – degree spray pattern right on that tip. Since it’s unspeakably strong and the blast is powerful, you need to make sure you’re aiming it right and angling it accordingly ( so you don’t damage any more sensitive items that are on that concrete, like for instance, some of your plants …. which you should move out of harm’s way before pressure – washing that area, to begin with, he he he he heh ) . Keep in mind this brand also makes a Yellow Spray Tip ( 15 – Degrees ), a Green Spray Tip ( 25 – Degrees ), a White Spray Tip ( 40 –Degrees ) and last but surely not least, a Black Spray Tip ( 65 – Degrees ) … these, of course, follow in succession, from most powerful to least powerful, accordingly. A 65 – degree tip, of course, is your softest pressure – wash and intended for items like grass, roses, etc.

I hope you have enjoyed this. It should at least have taught you a couple things, especially if you’re new to researching this. The goal has been both your education and your enjoyment. And thank you for visiting!