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Are Oil Free Compressors Quiet?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Oil – compressors are usually quieter than oil – free compressors …. let that fact be known. Yet in this page, I am going to ‘deep dive in’ ( as I sometimes like to say, ha hah ) for a closer look at all this. Ready to be taught, entertained, and even humored for just a bit? Then please read on and have a good time on this page ….

Now first of all, when you choose your compressor at the store ( or … hmm … online, if you go that route, ha hah ) , you will want to consider the amount of noise that it can make. Now the labeling or boxing will usually always be telling you this, upfront, so that you know what you are in for ( and it will state it in terms of the decibels … so how many decibels of sound does the machine produce, and can it reduce the noise of other devices in the room, etc? What are its other kinds of features? Read the box well, and for further clarifications, always google the model online and even ask the maker, if you need to ) .

Since an oil – lubed compressor ( aka an oil – compressor, as I mentioned just now ) runs quieter as it does its job, it’s better, in this sense. And thus, an oil – free compressor is not truly, in any sense of that word, QUIET in itself. Yet there are some things that you can do to make it be a bit quieter ….

The first thing you can do is to just move your space around a bit. Keep the air – compressor about a foot ( or 12 inches, in other words ) away from your walls and any other items. And beyond those 12 inches, keep some noise – reducing products … basically between you and the machine, in a sense. You can also keep certain air – compressors in a sound – box, which many places sell online ( check them out ) . As such, the noise will be reduced on its own, thanks to your use of this special box. That way, for instance, if you happen to own an oil – free kind of air – compressor and do not want to spend on buying an oil – compressor, just for the sake of reducing that annoying noise all the time, then you can just buy an accessory like this sort of box and be done with the problem.

You can also try building a sound – proof box or a relevant enclosure on your own. Go DIY style. Have the tools and materials yourself? Save money this way ….

Sellers like Grainger sell all kinds of great parts you can use for your DIY project. Some might even have box – like enclosures that can be suitable for the job. You just need to search around. Take time to look!