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What Torque Setting Should I Use On My Drill?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

What Torque Setting Should I Use On My Drill

This is such a question that I wished I had taken the time to go on the internet and search for AT LEAST TEN YEARS AGO ( yes, I am a bit old and more ‘wisened - out’ now, hah ahah ahah aha hahaha ha ha hah aha ha hah ) . But anyways, you live … you learn. What I can do now is move forward and learn from those awful errors and blunders I made all these years by ‘trial and error’. And what I can also do is teach YOU, my friend, on this topic … before – hand ( before you go and use the drill for your first time ) so that you don’t make ANY of the blunders I did … sound swell? Well, all I will tell …. ( and that rhymed, he hehe hehe he hehe hehe heh eh heh … but I didn’t mean to make it rhyme ) ….

Less Speed / More Torque

Now, then, the first thing that we come to, in terms of facts and knowledge, is the fact that when you drive in any screws, you are going to need LESS speed and MORE torque / power ( no … not the other way around, as many beginners like to think, he heh eh ehe he he he ) … the HARDER your screw / material really is. Does that make some sense?

And when you have more torque settings available on the drill, at the end of the day, what you really have are more options for controlling that torque and speed ( which, you can never have too many options … more settings means more convenience and a more accurate drilling, if you ask me ) . If you are driving in some smaller – like screws around your home, for instance, for very basic tasks, then the ideally – recommended torque settings in this case should be anywhere from 04 -15 Nm. But if you’re drilling full holes into walls, and using medium – sized screws to do it ( which you should be, for that kind of job, he heeh eh hee heh eh h heh ) , then what you ought to set your torque to is 15 - 35 Nm. Please know that ….

Also, you might want to keep in mind that EVEN BIGGER PROJECTS, ones with more scale and larger holes to fill ( plus, much – bigger screws, too, heh ehe he heh eh he he he he he ) should probably use a 35Nm and higher torque setting. Remember that also. And a little tip — if you want to get more RPMs going ( revs – per – minute, in other words, which you can google more about sometime ) , then get a dual – speed / aka 2 – speed, gear – box with your drill. And by numbers, setting 1’s low, 2’s medium, and 3’s high.