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Best Air Compressor For Continuous Use

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

If you ask me, I think this is my top choice for a continuous – use, heavy – duty kind of air – compressor, at the end of the day —- California Air Tools CAT-60050SCR SP Ultra Quiet Oil-Free 5-HP 60-Gallon Scroll Air Compressor 208-230V 1-Phase (aircompressorsdirect.com)

Now let’s talk some more ….

Let me spill the beans here, for ya ….

I would like to just start off by this point —- this $7,099.00 item kicks booty in so many ways that I could make a whole book alone, on just this. But I won’t ( at least maybe not yet, but there’s another great money – making idea of mine, at work, he he he he heh eh heh … who knows if I end up rich by it some – day, right? ) . If you want to look for it in stores, look for the Model by the name of CAT-60050SCR. It can sell online under that same model number, too.

This commercial – grade, scroll type of air – compressor is truly awesome like nothing else, I would add, and its cfm is 14.8 ( solid … yeah ) . Its tank size is 60. That means it can take 60 gallons. That’s enough for me, in any case … more than enough, when I think about it ….

Plus, add this in —- it’s oil – free ( sweet ) , it engages up to 5 – HP ( 5 horse – power ) and runs continuously at one of the best 100 % duty cycles I have ever seen while using one of these machines. Does that have you in love with it? Well, consider this, if not : It also works at a 77 – decibel noise – reducing, ultra – quiet design as well. So yup … it’s not going to be some loud, cranking machine that wakes you up at night or keeps you irritated throughout the day. He he heh …

And for a continuous – use sort of machine, that is pretty swell. It can continuously run, in other words, at full - power and heavy – duty, all while remaining quiet and efficient. That’s really cool, isn’t it? I totally agree. Plus you have the fact that it can run at 10 hours straight ( at 90 psi ) or 12 hours straight, even ( at up to 40 psi ) . So get your check – books out! This one’s a “must - buy”, I’d say ….

Add to that the fact that it has a nice recovery time — for instance, in going from 85 psi to 115 psi in just under a minute ( around 40 seconds, to be more precise ) . Its single – phase motor has great amp draw potential as well …. 23 amps at 208 volts as well as 22 amps at 230 volts. Does that kick ass or what? Please have a look at one of these now!