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Best Air Compressor For Farm Use

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

If you want to have good portability on the farm, for one, then allow me to recommend to you none other than the one and only DEWALT 60V MAX FLEXVOLT 2.5 Gallon Cordless Air Compressor Kit ( DCC2560T1 ) . It does its thing well and I want to now tell you more ….

So first, on this, it’s just as equally convenient as any type of cordless air compressor you can find out there these days … and not only that, but to further add on this, allow me to share that it can work with most types of pneumatic tools ( which is terrific, especially if you own a whole range or varied set at home, he he he he heh ) . Not only that, but you should also pay some heed to the fact that it gets you up to 1220 nails with every single battery – charge —- that is right. I am not joking, my friends.

As a matter of fact, furthermore, it gives you an adequate – enough sort of ‘run time’ so that you can engage all kinds of applications all at the same time, which is yet another super advantage to having it, I must add. Plus, you will not need to even be worried about fighting with dials any – more … ha ha hah … let that be in the past. Let that be done with. No more struggle!

That is thanks to the One Turn Regulator that it comes with — easy, peazy. A brushless motor, an oil – less pump, a portable air – compressor overall … how could one simply ask for anything more, right? Since it weighs under 22 lbs ( like you could say 21.5 lbs, to be technical about it, he he he he he he heh ) , you’ll find it’s one of the lightest of all …. like I briefly noted, super portable and easy to drag anywhere. Go up and down, to and fro, wherever you need to go, with it.

It’s a heavy – duty roll cage with it, too, so you know you’ve got the best when you’re at any job – site ( or heck, even in your own garage ) . The noise level it gives off, overall, is just only 79 dcb ( my friend, that means decibels, he he he he he he heh, just in case ya were wonderin’ ) …

And for its voltage, it comes up to 60 volts … that is some decently – good power right there. Isn’t it? Oooh yes it is ….

Not only that, but last but not least, it hits 1.2 cfm ( right @ 90 psi, he he he heh ) …

And in case you were wondering how industry experts came to that range when testing it, they simply engaged ISO 1217 … so you can tell it’s best tested ( and proven faithful ) against the best standard of all.