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Does Compressing Air Remove Moisture?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Here are some things you ought to think about today, my friends ….

I will start here — draining your air – compressor ( and thus compressing some air as you go along in the process of doing such ) does NOT remove the moisture ( water, other liquid, etc ) that is still held in. Why? Well, this is simply due to the mere fact that this is simply held as “air vapor”…. yet compressing such air can, however, prevent any EXCESS liquid / moisture from ever being able to build up in the air – supply lines ( as well as the tank, too, thankfully ) ….

In certain settings, please keep in mind that the very moisture content that you find in the air – stream of the inside of the tank, for instance, does not matter as much. Having just a little bit of moisture content in there will by no means ( usually, 9.5 times out of 10, he heh ehe hehe hehe h ) ruin the tank, the lines or such. So breathe and relax. Just know that.

And remember that compressed air being released can burn you. It’s HOT. It comes out of the pump practically steaming … and you DON’T want steaming – hot air blowing right into your face, at fast speed ( much less into your eyes directly ) . Keep this truly in mind, and be safe.

Now, most of the time, it might just be enough to simply drain out whatever water you find in the receiver tank that is in excess … as well as what’s in the lines, from time to time. Doing this regularly certainly helps more than you would think, and as a matter of fact, you won’t even need to usually compress any additional air or run the compressor again, in other settings, to take the moisture out. It should be gone sufficiently once you perform that routine maintenance on the tank / lines that I mentioned. Easy enough to do? So, so, so ….. very ….

You might also like to throw a mechanical separator in there ( like an oil – water separator, basically … working much the same and doing its job to take out moisture, too ) …. this will certainly help all the more …. just do not forget to get the right filter ( a water – separator filter, I mean, which is a crucial part as well ).

You might buy a compressed air – dryer, too, if you decide that’s the way you prefer to go about this. These cost at least around a couple hundred bucks ( the decently good ones, anyways, though cheap craigslist re – makes sell for less … but stay away from these, and anything that smells of ‘third - party manufacturer’, too … most of the time, the quality of these is absolute crap, and I want to spare you from head – aches ).