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Why Do Air Compressors Have 2 Gauges?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

The main reason that these 2 gauges exist, all in all, is to help differentiate your overall air – pressure regulation inside the air – compressor. We’re talking about the pressure that gets sent to the tank …. as well as the intensity of the pressure that builds up inside the tank, too. One gauge is for each. Makes sense, right? Good question, though … I asked it, too, at first …. now let me share more stuff ….

Both gauges can measure the psi … they are, as a matter of fact, designed to do that, no less. The psi stands for pounds of square inch, and this, in a sense, measures the air quantity and amount inside the valve, in this case. Now, then, with all of that being said, I would like you to just pay attention to what I will say next, here —- which is the fact that, in terms of names, one gauge is known as the tank gauge and the other is known as the regulator gauge ( if you want to get technical with it, of course, he he he he he heh, and at least sound like you know what you’re talking about, at least to some degree, he he he he heh heh … why not, right? ) . If you are wondering which of the 2 gauges is the one that actually displays the air – pressure level for you to see, and take note of ( yes, the air that’s in the compressor itself, of course ) , then that would be none other than the tank gauge. This gauge is also the one that reacts to the air – pressure increases ( made by your compressor’s pump, no less ) .

Now, this gauge doesn’t work DIRECTLY with your pressure – switch, so keep that in mind. Yet the pressure – switch can and often does monitor its internal air – pressure, all in all. This helps it know when to engage the compressor motor accordingly ( like to start / stop it, etc ) . Now, as for the regulator air gauge, that 2nd one briefly mentioned, keep in mind that this one, too, has a display of its own, that you can easily see …. yet that display will, in turn, instead show you the actual pressure settings of the air regulator itself. This pressure setting, in turn, communicates with your compressor’s air - line and pneumatics.

This all helps adjust ( reduce / increase, etc ) the air pressure that’s already in there. So I hope that makes sense. See the difference between the two gauges?

Now with both gauges, they have many similarities — keep that in mind. For instance, one such similarity is that they both often have a needle that’s attached to a shaft, which gets calibrated and then rotates to display the pressure on your display. Hope that helps!