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Basic Framing and Carpentry Tools

Every profession essentially comes with some equipment. However, it is not always possible for us to get our hands on every tool. But then again, there are some fundamental or essential tools that people should have.

Speaking of which, we come to this general discussion. Just like any other profession in the world, a carpenter should also have some tools. For example, the essential toolbox will contain pliers, a hammer, a utility knife, a combination square, a carpenter’s pencil, etc.

Well, there are indeed many more tools that one can have in their toolbox. But affording all of them is pretty challenging. However, these essential tools that we will be learning about are the ones that can make your work easier in a snap. So let’s take a look at them.

List of the basic tools:


Pilers are one of the most valuable tools when it comes to framing or carpentry. These are super handy tools that can be used for holding and bending wires.

They look like scissors but can be more versatile than that. Hence, you might use them for pulling out nails or bending the wires or even for cutting them as well.

Every carpenter carries at least one pair of pliers. So you should give this tool a go.


This is probably the most well-known tool that one can get their hands on. Without it, nothing fits perfectly. Why so? Because hammers are made for fitting and fixing!

There are a large variety of hammers present in the market. Depending upon your purpose, choose the correct size and type. Some of the hammers come with nail pullers on one side. They can be used for fixing and pulling out nails.

And if you want a two-headed standard hammer, you may go for that as well. Just make sure you have an excellent in-hand feeling before purchasing one.

Utility knife:

This is another irreplaceable tool for carpenters. These are small knives made for different manual works. For carpenters, this one comes in handy while working with pencils or trimming.

This small knife is absolutely useful for sharpening objects such as pencils. Also, minor cuts and trimming can be done with these as well. These utility knives may or may not be folded. Regardless of the type, the blade of these knives is generally smaller.

Combination square:

The combination square is another necessary tool that a framing professional or carpenter should have in their toolbox. It is a multipurpose measuring ruler that helps the carpenter to measure correctly.

It has a ruler and one or more interchangeable heads that assist the user in measuring 45° and 90° angles. Also, smaller or minor cuts can be customized with the combination square.

Carpenter’s pencil:

A carpenter’s pencil is another staple in a toolbox. No work can be done without marking and pointing. Hence, the pencil is a must-have tool.

The carpenter’s pencil is a little different from a regular pencil. It is easier to hold in your hands than regular pencils. Since the pencils are larger in surface area, they are pretty comfortable when it comes to quick marking. These pencils are sharpened with a utility knife. The pencils can be super helpful when we talk about high precision marking and lining.

Tape measure:

While speaking of carpentry or framing, one of the most critical tasks is measurement. And for this purpose, we present the following must-have tool in the toolbox. It looks tiny but can be super essential when it comes to measurement. It contains a ribbon, a cloth or a fibreglass ruler on which the measurements, scales, and units are written. This primary and well-known tool should be there in every toolbox.

Nail puller:

A nail puller is also known as a cat’s paw. This tool is very supportive when it comes to pulling out nails.

Nail puller or cat’s paw has similar other names as well. However, every variation of these is used for one thing. The size of the nail puller can range from 8 to 12 inches. The bigger ones are used to pull out bigger nails (16D nails), and the smaller ones are used for smaller nails.


Next on our list, we have the chisel. It is not unusual to see two or three of these in different sizes. These are usually used for taking out sections or cutting out chunks of wood or any other soft material.

The chisel looks like large screwdrivers and has a flat head that is used for cutting purposes. This cutting edge can be different in size. Smaller ones are used to cut small parts, and the larger heads are used for cutting out larger chunks.


A screwdriver is quite a versatile tool in every field. It might be used in different areas for different purposes. Generally, a screwdriver is used for fixing a screw in its proper position. These tools can be manual and can be powered as well.

The manual ones are often seen to be replaced with their powered counterpart, which is called the drill. However, keeping the manual tool in the toolbox is in a way beneficial for a carpenter.


Whether it is carpentry or framing work, a toolbox containing some primary tools is necessary. However, it is not possible to carry each and every tool in the toolbox. But that does not mean that the job will have to suffer. Hence, we have provided the essential tools to accomplish the basic tasks. We hope the list helps you.

Good luck!