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Can You Put An Air Compressor In A Cupboard?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

As long as you happen to have a good sort of cross – flow ventilation, then putting your air – compressor in a cupboard or sort of cabinet ( or even in a nice medium-density fiberboard (MDF) sort of box ) should be no problem at all. I can and have done it, without any issues, and so have many other people. Now let’s dive into the topic some more. Ready?

And I do have some major points I want to bring up here, as well. They will add to this richly. Please keep reading ….

If you are unsure of whether or not you at least have half – decent, cross – flow ventilation going on in the cabinet at all times as you run the machine, then simply give yourself some peace of mind and do this : put in an exhaust fan right in or by the cabinet as well. That way, you can ensure that it can properly turn itself off / on as needed, as the compressor is running. Plus, you’ll get some nice, added air flow going in and out / around the cabinet area, all in all. Ever think of that? Good plan, right? Try it and you will see the wonders that this can do …..

Now, then, you might also want to note that connecting the fan to the same outlet as the air – compressor is not a bad idea, either, and it sort of helps you keep everything together here, as one ( in a sense ) . Yet keep in mind, of course, that if you enclose and also insulate the cupboard, then you are not going to generally be getting any sort of air – flow going on …. unless you can vent it to the outside in some way. And that is why I suggested the exhaust fan, to begin with ….

If you build up too much heat in the cabinet, or compressed / contained air that has no way to release itself or essentially escape, then you are going to find yourself fighting a whole new host of other problems as the unhappy result.

You end up having moisture, condensation, over – heating or even a nasty mix of the three. Not only that, but the nearby tanks and lines can also suffer, too. And you can damage the structure and composition of the cupboard itself ( especially if it’s of sensitive wood … as wood and moisture are not friends, he he he he heh … the wood in the cupboard can rot and decompose, over time, too ) . Vent fans have a tendency to pull in dust from other areas of the room, as well, so do keep this in mind. It would be nice, on that very note, I’d add, for you to add a good filter screen right in place. This can help with that.