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Why Is My Air Compressor So Loud?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

The air – compressor is a loud machine, I’m sure you admit, and let no one argue with you there ( he he he he he heh ) . In fact, just one hour of trying it un can literally drive you bonkers and tell you all you need to know about its loudness. Have you been trying to focus on some of your work in your apartment ( and you work from home ) but simply can’t seem to? Or have you been trying to sleep at night but left that air – compressor running, as it needed to be? Yet, in either situation, the noise is driving you crazy and disrupting your sense of calm or sanity? Believe me … I have been right there. I know your struggle, and it’s so real. In fact, I have even had louder machines running in my homes, for many hours at a time ( I once had a massive de – humidifier in there, that I had to leave on there for days, due to a leak – flooding in my apartment, which was a real night – mare … perhaps a story I can tell another time …. and de – humidifiers, my friend, are a whole nother thing to tackle, he he eh he he heh heh he ) .

Now, then, with all of that just being said, I would like to get to this —- the next fact, that it can be any number of crazy reasons … for why your air – compressor model, in particular, is being so frickin loud ( and you almost want to smash it apart with a hammer, he he he he he he heh … be honest, now … I know you do …. ) . Air intake, exhaust issues, lack of proper ground – friction, incorrect installation or positioning of the machine, and even type of compressor, are some of the most common causes. Now let’s a somewhat – closer look here ….

First of all, on that note ( at least in terms of “type” of air – compressor ) , I would like to just point out that, in most cases, the type that is known for being the loudest is the reciprocating air – compressor. The reason why is simple, my friend. This type of air – compressor, because of its internal, dual piston pumps, tends to make the loudest sounds of all. Make sense?

And any compressor that does NOT have rotary screws on it, in addition, is also going to be fricking loud, too . These screws carry a sound – proof design all of their own, which, when they move, is super quiet and essentially noise – less, in the background. They also reduce the noise levels around them, which is an extremely cool ( and useful, he he he he he heh ) added perk here. Oil – less air – compressors are usually rotary - screw compressors.