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Best Plasma Cutter For CNC

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

If you own a CNC table of your own, call yourself the big man ( or big woman ) of the house. You are large and in charge! You are the master of your own domain. You get the point. Thanks for buying one of those … it means you actually care as much about this topic as I do, and you love to learn all the time …. now, you just need the right plasma – cutter , don’t ya? …. ( I can see it in your eyes … you are too ashamed to ask if such a thing exists and where to find it or what it might be called? And you might even be too ashamed to ask Efrain? Well, friend, read this page and do not worry about a thing … I am here to help ) ….

Now first of all, this one never fails ( me, at least … it never fails me ) —- Hypertherm Powermax 65 G4 Plasma Cutter with Machine Torch & Remote On/Off Switch - Pipe Fittings - Amazon.com

It’s the best for easy – use. The user – friendliness, all in all, is “off the charts” ( in some customer’s words, he heh ehe heh ehe heh ) . I have used it … and I found the same thing.

But if you want the best ( price – wise, he heh heeh ehehhe heh ) , then go with this one instead —- PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter 110V/220V Dual Voltage 3 Year Warranty: Amazon.com: Tools & Home Improvement

Some call it the best one for under $ 1, 000, and that is a fair ( plus true ) way to call it ….

Now I like it because it can get a close – to – 100 % ( at 60 % , which is still good ) duty cycle of its own. It’ll run at 60 amps with that. Plus, if you use it with its adapter, it’ll run even up to 110 – 220. Woww …. Neat, is that not?

Next up, we have this —- it can cut different sorts of metals on your CNC table ( ooh, la – lahhh, nice and fancy … ) . Talk about painted metals. Talk about rough, tough and sturdy ( as some say ) rusty metals. And even talk about expanded metals ( even some way beyond their original shape or texture / structure … this plasma – cutter can work some miracles there, eh heh eheh eh eheheh ) . The continuous pilot arc helps with all that ; it’s terrific.

The tech they used to design this was known as “blow - back start technology”. It’s surreal ( in a good way, I mean ) . It’s some of the newest around and very versatile when it comes to offering different things for your plasma – cutter products! Buy …