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Ryobi 18V One+ Hp Brushless 1/4” Extended Reach Ratchet

Ryobi has worked relentlessly to implement its tools’ performance, quality, and innovation. The 18V One+ HP Brushless 1/4” extended reach ratchet is just another addition to the plethora of convenient power tools from this brand.

It is fun working with a swinging ratchet, but what if you can avoid that effort? You will probably not miss the usual ratcheting experience with the standard tools. Will you?

The cordless extended-reach ratchet is designed to minimize the swinging action. With this unique selling proposition, let’s find out what Ryobi has tried to achieve by adding this innovative power tool to their list.

Important Specifications of Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless 1/4” Extended Reach Ratchet

Ryobi has already entered the arena of cordless ratchets with its 18V One+ 3/8” ratchet with a four-direction rotational head. This product from Ryobi promotes the One+ HP brushless technology, which houses a powerful torque of 40 ft-lbs.

It is a strong power hump from the previous models and variants and competes with some of the top brands that manufacture similarly styled ratchets. The RPM is also improved for the 1/4” ratchet, with recorded figures of 260 RPM, which is better than its predecessors.

Like the 3/8” model, the One+ HP Brushless 1/4” extended reach ratchet has four locking positions, each at 90 degrees. Following that, you also get dual LED lights to help you work with confidence and proper visibility even at darker corners of the operating area.

Whether you want it for your DIY repair jobs or professional work operations, consider this product from Ryobi a perfect fit for serving both purposes.

Specifications at a Glance

Best Features of Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless 1/4” Extended Reach Ratchet

There are some impeccable features to the Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless 1/4” extended reach ratchet that distinguishe it from its competitor brands and their power ratchets. They are specified below to enlighten you with their true efficacy:

Brushless Motor

Brushless motors are more powerful than brushed motors. It is because the copper windings of the brushless motors are fixed on the outside of the entire motor’s configuration. Hence, there remains room to make the motor larger.

The brushless motors also eliminate the possibility of voltage drop and friction, which prevents the motor from deteriorating performance. Voltage drop and friction were common in brushed motors, which occurred as they dragged along the commutator.

Upon practical implementation of the brushless motor on Ryobi extended ratchet, it is observed that maximum power is generated with extended runtime. Due to no friction, the wear and tear on the motor also reduces, which increases the overall life of the ratchet motor.

Metal Paddle Trigger

This ratchet by Ryobi has a metal paddle trigger that works two ways. It gives you the ease of powering on the ratchet motor in tight spots and allows you to regulate the speed at which the motor functions. You must maneuver your touch on this trigger to control the speed.

Ergonomic Grip

The grip on this ratchet is slightly bigger than the other models by Ryobi. The grip is designed accordingly to accommodate the battery. The rubber over-mold material on the grip adds commendable slip resistance. Moreover, the feel of the grip is comfortable enough to help you work for a prolonged period.

Small Head and Extended Reach

Slim head and extended reach are a perfect combination to fulfill the core purpose of this power tool. Often, the tight spaces might have a smaller access route, for which a slim head becomes important. Only when the head enters the guided route can you use the extended reach to connect it to the fasteners.

Ryobi made this combination possible, and you can now use this ratchet for even tighter operations. The head is 1/4 inch smaller in diameter than the 3/8” model by Ryobi for added accessibility to even tighter spaces.

4-Position Rotating Head

It is an important feature that completes the ease of usability for a cordless ratchet. As you don’t have wires to carry along, you also get the flexibility of swapping the direction of the ratchet head at four different angles.

Even though it has only four detents, you can still operate the ratchet at any angle. In this way, irrespective of the position of the fastener, you can amend the ratchet head’s position to accommodate the fastener while supporting your working arm to be straight and stable.

Pros and Cons of Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless 1/4” Extended Reach Ratchet

Here are some pros and cons to help you understand what this ratchet is best at and what areas need Ryobi’s attention:



Is 18V One+ HP Brushless 1/4” Extended Reach Ratchet Worth It?

The swinging action of the usual ratchets makes it fun to work on fasteners. But, when you are fastening or unfastening bolts at tighter spots of an automobile engine or a complex piece of furniture, it will be difficult for you to make the hand swings and feasibly work on the fasteners.

In addition, brushed motors in all of the usual power ratchets lack outstanding performance and increase the wear and tear of the mechanism. But, Ryobi upgraded its technology to a brushless motor to increase the power and enhance the life of the ratchet’s mechanism.

If you already use a power tool by Ryobi One+, you can use the same 18V battery and charger for this ratchet. If not, bundle your purchase of this ratchet unit with the One+ battery and charger.

It is worth buying if you seek it for DIY repair jobs or professional mechanical work. For professional jobs, you should have an additional battery pack to help you operate on tasks consistently.


If you consider the performance, Ryobi’s innovation and technology implementation are unmatched. These 18V One+ Cordless extended reach ratchets have less or no complaints from a professional consideration.

The common challenge that Ryobi is currently facing with most of its products is the placement of batteries. But, with the rotating head of this ratchet, Ryobi has solved the problem for this line of products.

Once you get along with the use of this cordless ratchet, you will never go back to the manual ratchet!