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How Do I Increase Air Pressure In My Compressor?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Terrific topic … terrible thought ( but in a good way, I mean, he he he he he heh heh ) …. tremendous amount of insight, coming up ahead ( you ready for it? ) …. please continue to read for more, friends ….

Now let me start with this —- your pressure – limiter’s switch cover is typically screwed shut ( or at least it was, when you first bought it, in its box and all, he he he he he he heh heh ) for safety reasons and more. Take off those screws with your screwdriver or electric drill. You’ll find this cover at the top of the item, in most compressor models ( never usually at the bottom, he he he he heh hheh, but except for in rare imported models made by third – party vendors ) . You’ll usually see a single screw placed right in the middle of this vented, plastic – like cover. After you’ve removed all these main screws ( including the four, meaning one in each corner, in some models, too, he he he heh hehh ) , then you will want to find your 2 main limiter – switch screws ; these have to get turned clock – wise, most of the time, to be properly taken all the way off.

Once you have done that, then proceed to doing this — which is turning the compressor unit on, while also adjusting the main center screen to see the gauge itself start to come to that ideal pressure it’s made to reach. If you want to keep it at a higher pressure, then just be sure to then turn your adjustment screw accordingly ( the lower – limiter one, of course ) … you will find it right next to your upper – limiter one, in most cases. Make sure to do a clock – wise turn on it, which will end up raising it and thus cause your compressor to kick itself on a little sooner than usual ( just before that pressure drops too low … at which point it would not be useful to have ) .

Next, make sure that you leave your cover off ( just in case you haven’t, up til now, he he he he heh he heh … but I think you probably have, since you are a smart person of common sense, reading this blog page, he he heh ) . Charge your compressor. Test your limit set ; adjust those two limiter screws back to their original placement. Then replace your cover and tighten up any loose screws or bolts, finally, just to make sure everything is nice and in place ( snug and fitting well, he he he he heh heh ) .

Thank you for reading, once again! I hope you have liked. I hope you have shared. Please do share this info with everyone!