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One of the most necessary power tools of home DIYers or any worker for that matter, is a circular saw. It is the most basic tool that probably every household or worker keeps.

However, choosing one for yourself might be challenging at first. In a market filled with a broad spectrum of products, one might easily get confused at the beginning.

Hence, here we provide you with the review of one of the best products in the market right now: RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP BRUSHLESS 7-1/4” CIRCULAR SAW. Let’s dig a little more.


Ryobi is one of the most famous brands in the world of power tools and woodworking tools. Since their debut in the market. They have created quite an impression with their tools.

And still, now they are slaying with every product they bring upon the table. Following the trend, we present to you the RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP BRUSHLESS 7-1/4” CIRCULAR SAW.

This one is one of the essential Home DIY tools that everyone should own. But before you dive in, let us know all the features, pros, and cons of it. So, hold tight!

Build quality:

The brand and the particular machine have been praised a lot by many users worldwide because of the build quality. No product of this brand comes to us without supreme build quality.

And this specific machine is also the same. Everything, from the body to the blade is made from high-quality material that can make the device tolerate hard working hours. Hence, you might run it as you wish.


The most remarkable improvement in Ryobi’s 7 ¼” circular saw is the expansion of a brushless motor. Ryobi has gained significant advances in power, apparatus lifespan, and battery life by consolidating it.

A brushless engine wipes out interior brush-based rubbing by finding super durable magnets. This means no brushes to be worn out and supplant, which makes the apparatus last longer.

Additionally, it means that the engine conveys less squandered energy from the grating of the brushes, so extra power, and the battery life is longer.

Dust adaptor:

One of the basic concerns of working with power tools is a clean working surface. And fortunately, this specific tool comes with a convenient dust adaptor that makes the working area clean. The vacuum dust adaptor is quite convincing.

Power and performance:

Another feature for which this machine has been praised by many is its powerful performance. The overall performance of this machine is entirely satisfactory.

Many users have claimed that the best result is derived when used with a 4Ah +HP battery. Apart from it, the motor, the brushless operation and the 40% increased pace work pretty well. With the 4Ah+HP battery, you can easily work long hours with this saw.

Cutting capacity:

Another focal point while discussing the features of a saw is its cutting techniques. Thankfully, the manufacturers of this particular machine have taken your concern into account. This 7-1/4” One+ Circular Saw PBLCS300 slopes to 56 degrees and can cut 2-7/16” at 90° and 1-13/16” at 45°.

It has a tool-free adjustable design that allows you to customise two functions. The general change activity is made smooth. So you can enjoy a seamless cutting experience.

Comfortable usage:

In terms of ergonomics, this machine has an all-around planned and completely agreeable grip. It has a good primary grip and a push-in hands security button that is well within the thumb’s range.

The front handle is angled approx. 20 degrees to relieve wrist strain during delayed or tedious cutting.

This saw is 13.5” long and is 7.2” high and 11” wide. A pre-installed PBLCS300 roundabout saw weighs 6.6 lbs. When a 4Ah HP+ battery is installed, the weight rises to 8.2 lbs.

LED illuminator:

This machine comes with an LED illuminator that allows you to see the material clearly while cutting. This feature has been introduced to many cutting tools from this brand. Isn’t it impressive?




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Considering all the specifications mentioned earlier, you should get your hands on this particular machine. However, you might have to negotiate with the minor con that we have mentioned. But looking at the pocket-friendly budget and all other features, this is an optimal option. Try it! Good luck!