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Why Does My Dewalt Impact Driver Stopped Working?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Welcome to your trouble – shooting 101 primer, taught by the one and only Efrain Silva. I hope you brought your hungry learning appetite and a few minutes of your time with you. That is really all I need, folks. And I am about to take you into a whole new world of learning, right here. Set aside 5 – 10 undistracted minutes so you can read this, please …. that is really my only ask, as they say ….

Now, then, first of all, I would like to bring to light the simplest and plainest fact there is, and something of which you probably already might know ( but I will re – stress it anyways, just in case, and for any newbies out here, he he he he he he heh ) —- the fact that this impact driver ( or drill, as some would call it instead, he heh … same thing, generally speaking ) stops working, 7 times out of 10 ( and I did do the research here, as always ) when there is some sort of problem with the motor. Generally, of course, when that motor stops working, then the whole impact driver itself does no less the same. It follows suite here, you could say ….

Now, of course, the motor can be unresponsive for any number of reasons, starting with the fact that the battery itself is dead. Try pulling the main trigger, and if you notice the impact wrench itself doing nothing at all in response to that, then what is usually happening here is that you have a dead battery. As such, try pulling the dead battery ( which is usually found at the bottom of the drill or impact driver, and slides right off, especially if it’s a newer model ) . Either charge the battery and put it back in, or just replace it with a battery you know is fully – charged.

You might also have the issue of poor contact ( or communication, all in all ) … say, for instance, between your battery and its terminals. Just like you might run into this issue with your car, you might run into this issue with your impact driver, of course ( since it also has a motor, batteries and other moving parts, he he he he he he heh ) . Check and be 100 % certain that the battery has charge ; start there. Then after that, look at the contacts on the impact driver’s bottom ( right under the battery ) . See if they are even slightly ( or greatly ) dirty, dusty, corroded, etc. Use a contact cleaner, as well as a brush or tooth – brush ( just like you would with a car battery ) to clean them up nicely, if that is the case.

I hope that this has taught you something, my dear friends!