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Makita 18V Cooler Warmer - DCW180Z

Makita 18V Cooler Warmer - DCW180Z

Whether you want an icy-cold beverage on a hot sunny day or rest the juicy brisket from the smoker to keep it warm, Makita 18 V Cooler Warmer will cater to your needs. The device has ample space to store several items. It has four different cooling modes and two different warming modes.

The durable device can run on cordless mode with batteries and corded mode with AC/DC cord. Also, it is quite easy to handle and manage. Since it’s a travel-friendly cooler warmer, you can easily carry it anywhere you want.

In this detailed review, we will cover its specifications and discuss the device’s unique features.

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Makita 18V Cooler Warmer: The Features

Maikta 18V Cooler Warmer has several unique features that make it one of the top contenders in the cooler-warmer industry. Let us discuss them in detail.

Ergonomic handle

The device features an ergonomic handle that you can use to drag it around easily. The handle is big enough to hold with both hands. So, you can grip the handle with one or two hands, depending on your preference. When not in use, you can fold it down quickly.

Tilt sensor

The device comes with a tilt sensor that automatically powers down the device when you tilt the cooler warmer above a certain limit. This feature protects the device if there is any accidental spill or fall. Click here to understand the angle details.

Three operation modes

The Makita 18V cooler warmer runs on 18V batteries, DC supply from the vehicle(12V & 24V), and main AC supply. For cordless operation, you can run the device on 18V batteries and enjoy its perks with no hassle of any cord.

When traveling, you can use the DC cord to power the device. It works with both 12V & 24V supply, which widens its usability. All the truck drivers out there can put the plug in the 24 V cigarette socket and run the device without any hassle.

If you wish to power the device with the main AC supply, you need to connect the AC adapter. You will get the adapter and cord in the package.

Built-in USB port

In the battery cavity, you will find an A-type USB port that you can use to charge your smartphone or other devices. There is some space to keep your smartphone in the cavity while it is charging. However, you must keep the lid of the battery compartment open while using the USB port.

Large storage compartment

The cooler warmer comes with a 20L storage capacity that you can use to keep your beverages and other food items. You can store soda cans, beer bottles, water bottles, and several other items of your choice. The lid of the compartment is easy to open and close.

The best thing is that there are two spherical cavities on the battery compartment’s lid to hold your cans and bottles in place. While traveling, you can place your beverage on the top without stressing about accidental falls or spills.

IPX4 Rating

When the device runs on the batteries, it maintains an IPX4 rating. So, if you carry your food items and beverages to a remote work site, the cooler warmer will keep everything safe from dirt, debris, and water damage. It is a safe appliance to store your drinks and food items even in harsh environmental conditions.

Long-running time

The appliance runs on two 6A, 18V LXT batteries. The advantage of two batteries is that the device first consumes the battery life of one battery and then shifts on the second one automatically to offer a long running time. Moreover, the LXT-powered Lithium-ion batteries require less time to charge.

The device can run continuously for 17 hours with both fully charged 18V batteries when set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you set the temperature at 15 degrees Fahrenheit, then it will work for five hours continuously.

Wide temperature range

Makita 18V cooler warmer has a wide cooling range in cold and warm settings. In the cold setting, you can set the temperature at 15oF, 30 oF, 40 oF, or 50 oF. In the warm setting, you can switch between 130oF and 140 oF.

You can press the cool/heat button on the control panel to switch between the cold and warm settings.

The device runs on a compressor, which offers better cooling. You can change the temperature according to your preference.

How to switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit settings?

Special Note

The Makita 18V cooler warmer takes considerable time to cool normal-temperature beverages. The cans and bottles kept on the side of the compartment will be cooler than the ones in the middle. So, if you want to enjoy cold beverages after a short period of time, then place cold cans from your fridge in the device and set the preferred temperature. The same thing applies to the warm setting.

User-Friendly Control Panel

You get an LED display and a simple control panel to operate the device. The LED panel tells you about the working temperature, mode of operation, and other settings. There are two buttons to change the temperature. Besides this, you will get one ON/OFF switch and a cool/heat button to change other aspects of the device.

The LED screen has a battery indicator that tells the information about the battery life of both units. Click here to understand all the indicator details.

Inbuilt Bottle Opener

The best thing about the device is that you can easily open your bottles using the inbuilt bottle opener. You can access it on the front side of the cooler warmer.

Makita 18V Cooler Warmer: Pros and Cons



Final Verdict

Here is a detailed review of the Makita 18V cooler warmer. The device has all the features to keep your beverages and food items cold or warm. Moreover, it protects all the items from dust and water damage.

It has high mobility and maneuverability. Go through the whole article to understand all the features of the appliance. Click here to get more information on the service and repair of the cooler.