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Best Air Compressor For Airbrush

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

If you’re going for only the smoothest of air – brushing experiences, then you want to read. Read me like a good book. I, Efrain Silva, am full of the knowledge. And I share it here ….

So read til ya drop, ha ha hah. And then, read some more after that. Reading is good ….

Now, then, the first thing that I would like to write for you is that I think the best overall product, as such, is to be found right here —- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WBT7PTW?tag=clevercreat0a-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1

I have never had a bad air – brushing moment, no, not once … when I have used that product. And It’s only $150, all in all ( I have had worse service, AND paid more money, for other models … so all in all, I think this is one hell of a fucking AWESOME deal, pardon my language ) . I hope you get the point here, he he heh heh ….

Now to add to this, I would like to just say that this is a corded electric product with a very low noise level by the way ( only 47 in decibels …. that’s practically nothing, ha hah ) . I love it. It weighs 11.5 lbs, so even a teen or older child can carry it pretty easily. Yup … that sucker weighs not even 20 pounds, ha hah! Plus, it is dark green and black, the perfect mixed, blended colors that can fall well into just about any background in nearly any room. I like the look, all in all, as you can tell … and am more than just a crazed fanatic, as some might say …

Yes, I am also beyond the point of obsession, with this product, also due to the fact that it has amazing additional features to it, like being able to offer what its brand calls “air - on – demand” and is just like what it makes it sound. You get air coming out in an instant. You also get no pulsation ( yup … zero pulsation, he he heh ) with that constant air – pressure flow. So far so, good? I have more to say ….

It can even cool itself down ( be honest with me … how many air – compressors out there do you know that can do this? Not many, I’d say … and they all tend to create heat but not cooling, which can be a problem in some packed rooms, as you might already know, friend …. ) . Yup, its internal cooling fan is amazing, and that alone, in my opinion, can be the sole reason why it’s the best air – compressor you could ever use while you air – brush.

Convinced yet? Buy this amazing single – piston product right now. Go for it. Do all your air – compressing / air – brushing in style. You live but once ….