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Do I Need A Hammer Drill For Brick?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

You technically don’t. But it’s risky other – wise. In other words, you can damage your regular drill if you try this … especially if you try to force it into the brick and it simply does not go … you can also make it happen, in some cases, but it can take a whole lot longer … do you have the time to invest in that? Or do you, instead, have the money to invest in a proper hammer – drill instead? ( And save yourself that time? ) ….

Now it’s all up to you … I just want to give some pro suggestions, and then I’ll get out of your hair and let ya choose ….

He he he he heh eh ehe h …. is that all right?

Well, then, the first facts that I would like to mention are these. A masonry drill – bit is a must – have. So is a hammer – drill. Start with pairing up these two. You can get extra materials, too, at your own choosing — like, say, a pencil, some putty, wall – anchoring, etc … but that’s optional …

The hammer – drill can do most of the work itself, which is the really nice thing about it ( and you won’t have to force down on it, to speed it up or apply more force, like you might have to do with a basic drill … so kudos to the hammer – drill ) . And the hammer – drill is really good at being able to drill – in some pilot – holes to the space you are targeting so that you can insert bigger bits with better, straighter ( no less … and not missing your target area or creating gaps ) holes, at the end of the day. Is this something you want to do? Then go with that hammer – drill and put the regular drill aside, for this job ….

Also, if you like being able to work better with secured metals, for instance, then a hammer – drill is also your very best friend here. What it does is basically let you clamp that brick ( or metal, in this specific case ) and secure it in by means of a vice, just as you drill, so that it will not shift.

And we all know brick can be a pain to drill, all in all, too … it can break, crack, lose its shape and form, a ‘no bueno’ thought ….

But when you drill brick with a hammer – drill, you at least get more directed force, precisional strength, and even better center – punching when all has been said and done ( assuming, of course, that the hammer – drill is a top – grade sort of hammer – drill and not a cheap, unheard – of piece of junk with bad reviews, hehe he hehe he eh ehe heheh ehe he ) …..