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Can A Plasma Cutter Run Of Compressed Air?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Yes, a plasma – cutter can truly run entirely just of an air that’s compressed. It can run entirely on compressed – air. Cool, right? And if ya stick with me today, I can show ya more neat things to know about that. What do ya say? Now, then, follow along ….

It’s time to discuss my very first point here, a big one, at that —- which is the plain fact alone that compressed – air is ACTUALLY, as a matter of frickin’ fact ( he heheh h heh ehe heh ehe heheh eh eh eh, and you can tell I’m passionate about what I’m about to say ) , the MOST COMMON kind of gas that plasma – cutters use. Did you know this? In fact, some even say it’s the most popular kind of all and the most efficient ( but that can depend on how big the project / what it is to do / who you talk to / and much more, hah ah hah ah ha ha hah a hah ) .

Since compressed – air just so happens to be free ( in a sense, ha ha ha hah aha ha hah aha h …. at least now, in 2022, the government is not charging us money for the air we breathe, ah hah ah hah ah ha haah ha …. so air and water are basically the two most universally – free things of all time, when ya think about that … and maybe I could write a fiction post or book on that topic only, he he he heh eheh eh h, if only I had the time to do sit down and do it, I guess ) , it’s easy to find and the most inexpensive form of gas you could use for the plasma – cutter at the end of the day …

And since compressed – air also happens to be the most versatile gas form of all, in terms of options to use for your plasma – cutter, it works the best. When you are going much lower with your current – cutting, for instance, compressed – air can really be your best friend here. It works its magic terrifically. And on most metals, it does super well, too … ( and when you’re using that low – setting for currents AND going with metal as your material of choice at the same time, it’s even better … talk about the best of TWO AMAZING WORLDs, HAH HAHAH AHA HAH AHA HA ) .

As for 1 – in thickness, if that’s what ya want, compressed – air can do that job. And it doesn’t fail. If you don’t want it as your primary gas of choice, though, you can still store it to use as secondary fuel when you plasma – cut. It won’t leave messy particles behind either ( since it’s just air, ha hah ha hah ) .