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Can I Leave My Ryobi Battery In The Garage?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

This is a great question I would like to pose today, and the answer to it is — THAT DOES DEPEND. Now, here’s what I would like to add to that ….

First of all, it depends on the temperature in the garage —- if you are talking about basic room temperature and the battery is un – covered ( or not kept secure in a cool container or dark room area, or case, etc ) , then it is exposed to the elements …. in greater fashion … be they heat, cold, etc. It all depends on the time of the year, too. So on that note, it is also suggested as the best idea to keep the battery inside a case, its box or some sort of protective container or cover, at the very least. That way, it does not DIRECTLY take in whatever temperature is in the room ( which, if it happens to be EXTREME temperature, will be a direct risk to the battery … in days, or even just hours, in some cases, you may find the battery permanently damaged, dead and un – usable, if this ever gets to be the case … so avoid this from happening at all costs … I have now warned you ) .

So, then, all that is meant to say this — you CAN leave the Ryobi battery in the garage, depending on what the temperature is like in there, and as I said, whether or not the battery is secured or directly exposed to such temperature. 41 – 113 is the degree range you want it to sit at, ideally, since it’s a lithium – ion battery. ( And yes …. I mean in terms of F, or Fahrenheit …. )

Keep in mind, as well, that lithium – ion batteries are somewhat flammable. Yes, they can indeed explode, especially if they are exposed to extreme heat and concealed in a confined space. That heat gets trapped and needs somewhere to be released, in other words, and what ends up happening is that the containment unit for that heat ( in this case, the Ryobi battery, of course ) , when under so much pressure, blows up. And it can even cause a fire. The explosion can make contact with other flammable items in your garage, in this case, and truly cause a massive fire spread all throughout the home ( and possibly beyond, into the greater community itself ) . This is not to scare you …. just be aware of the potential hazards that can come, my friend ….

Also, if you’re going to store this battery in your garage, at least keep it away from other flammable substance. Keep it away from liquids, too, which can spill on it ( and also potentially cause it to explode or stop working ) . I hope you become more conscious!