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What Size Air Compressor Do You Need To Run A Plasma Cutter?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Great question! So, then, What size of an air - compressor do you need to run a plasma - cutter? Hmm ….

Want to read my thoughts? From top to bottom, I’m intrigued at the question, and I know you’re not the first person to bring it up. I’ve researched the same myself and found some things … call it insight from Efrain, the amazing, if you will ( hold your applause til the end, please … ha hah aha ha hah haha h) . Want to get the best insight from an actual expert? Please read this page. I have to talk to you ….

So first of all, the very first thing that I wanted my readers to know here, on this very page, is the plain fact that, as they say, the bigger … the better. Here it’s more true than ever. You need as large of an air – compressor as you can possibly muster ( so make space in your home / area, and prepare your wallet to spend a bit ) . It should be ONE – AND – A – HALF – TIMES the size of your plasma – cutter in terms of cfm ( which is basically short for ‘cubic - feet per minute’, but I am sure you probably may have known that, hah ahah ha hah ahaha haha h ahah , but just in case ) . So in other words, it has to rate 1.5 times the cfm of whatever your plasma – cutter does …. make sense?

Now, then, let’s say that you require 4 cubic – feet per minute, as a general rule, at a psi ( meaning, naturally, pounds – per – square – inch, he he heh eh hehe ) of 80 … for any Hypertherm ( just the first name that comes to mind … good plasma - cutter brand, though … you may want to buy from them ) plasma – cutter model you own. Now, let’s assume that this model needs to get a suitable air – compressor, as such. Well, you will want to have any air – compressor that just so happens to rate right like at 6 cubic – feet per minute in order to use with it. This will, of course, reducing the risks of low – pressure interruptions and other hazards as you use it ( especially when in heavy – duty kinds of usage … bear that in mind, please ) .

You will also need to keep in mind the fact that most manufacturers have a tendency to rate their own air – compressors, as well — so in case you ever have any question or concern, you can always check what the rating is ( either on their website, usually, or by calling an 800 – number or reading your product’s box / manual ) . Thank you all so much for reading today!