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Dewalt Vs Milwaukee

Be it DIYers or professionals, the two most prominent names in the power tool industry you’ll more likely come across are DeWalt and Milwaukee. Both compete hard due to their similar product lines and other aspects.

Thus, it’s normal to get confused.

Whether upgrading your current tools or setting up a new business, don’t finalize your power tool brand before reading this article. Here, I’ll compare these awesome brands on various parameters, from products to warranty support.

To cap off the piece, I’ll present my opinion as well. So, let’s start.

DeWalt Vs. Milwaukee - Detailed Comparison

From history to customer support, let’s look at how both brands fare in the battle of the “best power tool brand.”


DeWalt and Milwaukee have an exciting history. Let’s take a look at it.


Raymond DeWalt founded DeWalt in 1924 in Towson. However, the unit was later shifted to a new plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and that’s when the company began expanding.

It experienced exponential growth in 1941 when it got the order to manufacture wartime machinery, and since then, it hasn’t looked back.

But the manufacturing of power tools began in 1992. It was the first time DeWalt introduced its first line of power tools. Since then, DeWalt has incorporated multiple technological advancements in its product and has created over 30 cordless tools, including drivers, saws, impact wrenches, drills, flashlights, etc.

Note: The company manufactured over 200 electric power tools and 800 accessories by 2001.


A.F. Seibert founded Milwaukee in 1924, but not as a power tool brand. In its initial stages, it survived by repairing tools, not manufacturing them. It was its first small power drill, named Hole Shooter, that embarked on Milwaukee’s growth journey.

Later, it started manufacturing specific innovative tools such as hand grinders, electric sanders, and hammer drills.

Similar to other brands on the market, they have targeted homeowners and professionals both. Milwaukee was the first brand of power tools that used Lithium-Ion in its batteries and invented the first Sawzall reciprocating saw.

Note: Milwaukee is now under Techtronic Industries.


Let’s understand where the entire manufacturing unit of DeWalt and Milwaukee lies.


DeWalt’s manufacturing units are located in different nations, including the Czech Republic, United Nations, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, and Mexico. Despite this, most DeWalt products are made in America at the six manufacturing facilities in Tennessee, Maryland, South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Connecticut.

It’s worth noting that the U.S. manufacturing units are famous for producing the DCD780C2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver Kit, like many others. DeWalt maintains its quality and brand value even with multiple manufacturing units around different nations.


Milwaukee is an international brand owned by Techtronic Industries, based in Hong Kong. Its headquarters have been situated in the U.S. since the day it started.

Besides, Milwaukee has three separate manufacturing units in America: Wisconsin, Greenwood, and Missouri. The Greenwood and Missouri manufacturing unit is approximately 400,00 square feet and employs 670 people.


Milwaukee and DeWalt offer a decent warranty period on all their products.


DeWalt offers an industry-standard warranty of 3 years on all its power tools. The warranty includes defects in its parts and artistry. However, it doesn’t include regular wear and tear of the tool like other brands, for example, RYOBI.

Note: If your tool fulfills the eligibility criteria of the warranty conditions, then DeWalt will repair the tool free of cost.


On the other hand, Milwaukee offers a comprehensive 5 years of warranty on all its power tools. The warranty includes everything from the replacement of tools to repair, defective parts, and even artistry.

Note: Milwaukee’s warranty also doesn’t include regular wear and tear of the tool.

Top Product Lines

Take a look at the three top-selling product lines from DeWalt.


Though DeWalt has a broad product line, here are its top three.


FLEXVOLT is a dual-voltage battery pack that can be combined with all the tools that come under 20V MAX or 60V MAX series.


The 20V MAX is the company’s most popular and essential power tool series, which uses 20V MAX battery packs. These are the most preferred tools among professionals and hobbyists.

You will find various products in this series that include Sawzall, drills, circular saws, drivers, angle grinders, impact wrenches, and more.


For challenging work, sometimes extra power is needed; thus, DeWalt introduced a 60V MAX Cordless tools series. This series contains power tools such as framing nail guns, air compressors, job site radios, track saws, stud and joist drills, circular saws, rotary hammers, and pipe threaders.


The different product lines of Milwaukee include:


The M12 series boasts the smallest and lightweight power tools ideally designed for residential purposes. They are lighter and smaller than 18V or 20V power tools and, thus, less powerful.

M12 products include tools like jigsaws, drills, impact drivers, crown staplers, flashlights, and other multi-tools.


Milwaukee’s M18 line of products is the most preferred tool that offers 18V of power, and they come in a mid-sized package and offer high performance.

The tools under this category include angle grinders, impact wrenches, impact drivers, jigsaws, Sawzall, routers, and multi-tools.


The most dynamic product line of tools falls under this category. These tools with the FUEL designation feature include REDLINK PLUS intelligence hardware and software, REDLITHIUM battery packs, and brushless motors.

All the M18 FUEL products are high-performing, durable, and power-efficient.

Proprietary Technology

Both Milwaukee and DeWalt have incorporated some serious technologies in their product.


The proprietary technology used in DeWalt products includes Tool Connect, which leads to enhanced productivity across job sites. As the name suggests, this technology lets you link your various tools to the Tool Connect app via Bluetooth and manage them.


Like DeWalt, Milwaukee boosts the security of its products with the One-Key technology. In simple words, it’s a comprehensive inventory management platform with more advanced features.

Moreover, the brand utilizes the RedLink Plus technology that unlocks full-circle communication between the tool, battery, and charger for unmatched performance.

Note: Both DeWalt and Milwaukee use brushless motors.


From the price point, both DeWalt and Milwaukee offer economical and premium products to cater to DIYers and professionals.


At DeWalt, you get both affordable and expensive tools. But none are budget tools. That’s why DeWalt isn’t my favorite brand for DIYers on a tight budget. If you’re a professional craftsman, then only will the brand suit you.


Milwaukee tools cost a bit more compared to DeWalt if you compare both brands’ premium ranges. However, this high pricing is quite justified considering their products’ advanced and high-performing batteries, which cost more than usual.

Still, if you’re a beginner or DIYer looking for standard tools, Milwaukee 12V lineup tools are worth considering. They don’t cost much.

Customer Support

Since power tools are expensive, customer support is an essential factor to consider while purchasing them.


Regarding customer support at DeWalt, it has an online portal where you can visit for all your queries related to its products, including spare parts or defects. You can even register your tool for repair, if any, on the same portal.

However, you may need to wait for at least 24 hours to get a response from their side.

Note: For a quick resolution of your queries, I recommend using their helpline number.


In contrast, Milwaukee offers an exceptionally developed customer support and repair service. As a result, rest assured of quick resolutions via mail or helpline number. Adding to this, Milwaukee’s service team promises to get your tools repaired within ten days of the complaint.

Overall, the 24/7 customer support of Milwaukee is very active for immediate guidance and troubleshooting.

DeWalt Vs. Milwaukee - Comparison Table

The following table summarizes the differences between DeWalt and Milwaukee for a quick look.

Parameters DeWalt Milwaukee
History Founded in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt Founded in 1924 by A.F. Seibert
Manufacturing Manufacturing unit in 6 countries. DeWalt is headquartered in Towson Three separate manufacturing units in the United States. Milwaukee is headquartered in Brookfield
Top Product 20V MAX XR, FLEXVOLT, 60V M18, M12, M18 FUEL
Warranty Three years on all its power tools, and the warranty includes defects in its parts Five years of warranty on all its power tools. The warranty includes everything from the replacement of tools to the repairing
Price Less expensive More expensive
Customer Support Less developed More developed
Proprietary Technology Connection technology and brushless motors RedLink Plus and brushless motors

DeWalt Vs. Milwaukee - My Verdict

After comprehensive research about each, it’s pretty clear that Milwaukee edges past DeWalt if we talk about the price factor due to its budget tools. Plus, its 5-year warranty and customer support exceed what DeWalt offers.

So, my vote for the “best power tool brand” goes to Milwaukee.


So, here you go. The bottom line is that both DeWalt and Milwaukee are prominent power tools brands with a wide range of products to cater to both DIYers and professionals.

The pricing isn’t too high from the market’s POV; however, you’ll have to spend extra on chargers and batteries. If you want tools with a compromising warranty, go for DeWalt, but if the warranty matters to you (which it should), opt for Milwaukee.