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Craftsman Tradestack Tool Box Review

Craftsman offers durable and reliable solutions to organize your tools and carry them with you on your working site. The brand has launched a new modular tool storage system to help you easily store your tools and carry them with you.

Craftsman Tradestack Tool Box

The TradeStack Tool Box System is a 22-inch rolling tower storage stack that comes with a suitcase, a deep toolbox, and a rolling unit. You get ample space to store your tools and protect them from dirt and water damage.

This is just a sneak peek at the modern storage organizer. Let us dive into the detailed TradeStack Tool Box System review and learn everything about it so that you can make a wise purchase.

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Craftsman TradeStack Tool Box System: Specification Table

Assembled Height 33 3/5 inches
Assembled Width 22 inches
Assembled Dept 18 inches
Weight of product 80.24 pounds
Weight Capacity 132 pounds
Number of Storage Compartments 3
Trays: 2 Trays Included
Body Material Plastic
Color Black
Handle Type Telescopic
Handle Material Plastic
Latching Mechanism One-touch release
Wheels 7-inch caster wheels

Noteworthy Features of the TradeStack Tool Box System

Telescopic handle

The storage system comes with a telescopic handle. You can extend it out with a single click of a button located on the back side of the unit. Press the button and pull it upwards to extend it.

You can firmly grip the handle and move the whole unit easily. It is broad enough to grab with both hands if you need more power to pull it. Also, you get fine slits on the handle, where you can clip your measuring tape and other accessories.

You get a footrest at the base of the handle assembly. You can use your foot to tilt the unit and pull it using the handle quickly.

Cord Holder

You also get two plastic clips that you can use to wrap your electric extension cords. There is no need to store it in any box or carry an extra wheel. Just wrap it around and carry it anywhere without tangling it.

Self-standing Lids

Once you open the lids of any compartment of the storage system, it stays open until you close it. They don’t fall, so you can access your tools without interruptions. Moreover, they remain fixed in their position even if the compartments experience some jerks or shakes.

Three storage units

With the TradeStack storage system, you get three different units to store your tools safely.

Upper Tool suitcase

It is the uppermost unit that you can access directly in this storage system. The suitcase contains six small containers. You can use these containers for drill bits, small tool accessories, and other relevant stuff. You can align them in any way and use the rest of the space according to your preference.

The suitcase features a recessed handle on its sides. You can comfortably use them to lift it with both hands and move it around. Besides this, you get a front handle that you can use to latch and unlatch the container from the whole unit.

Deep toolbox

The toolbox comes in the middle. You can access it after removing the top suitcase. The unit comes with a 2-inch deep container tray that you can use to store some hand tools and organize them properly. The box is deep enough to hold some bigger tools.

It comes with a top handle that you can use to lift the box. The rubber handle has an ergonomic design that allows you to make a firm and comfortable grip. Also, you can use the recessed handles on the sides to move the unit.

Rolling Base Unit

The bottom unit of the system is perfect for holding heavy and massive tools safely. You get another container tray in this storage box that you can use according to your preference.

The lid of the storage box contains the unique VersaStack adapter. You can connect VersaStack toolboxes and accessories with your storage system.

Drop & Lock Fitting Mechanism

All the compartments of the whole system lock on each other perfectly. Lift one unit, place it on another, and press it slightly. The case will latch to one another without any unnecessary hassle. You don’t have to push them with force. Everything fits perfectly without any harsh jerks.

VersaStack Compatible Adapter

Craftsman has given a unique adapter with a TradeStack Storage System. You can connect your VersaStack compartments and tool set cases with it. You can remove it from the lid by pushing the red latch away.

Put it on top of any compartment of the TradeStack storage system and press it to fix it in place. Now add your VersaStack case and use the two latches to fix it. However, you cannot add any TradeStack compartment over the VersaStack container. So, if you want to carry all your units, make sure that you latch the adapter on the top suitcase.

Quick Connect Latching System

You get a one-touch release latching mechanism with the Craftsman Tradestack Storage System. You can press the button with one finger and lift any box quickly. The mechanism promotes single-handed operations and elevates the usability level of the whole unit.

The push-down button is large enough to make a firm grip and requires a soft push to release the compartment.

IP65 Water Resistance

The whole unit comes with IP 65 water resistance rating. All the compartments include thick red seals in their lids that protect your tools from dirt, debris, and water damage. Also, it will protect your tools from all the harsh environmental elements.

The whole unit features a structural foam design that raises its durability and toughness. So you can carry all your tools and accessories to your job site safely and in an organized manner.

7-inch caster wheels

The rolling unit comes with two 7-inch caster wheels that elevate the mobility of the massive storage system. The wheels feature suitable treads that give proper traction while moving the unit on different types of terrain.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Craftsman offers a lifetime limited warranty with this storage system. Under this, the brand promises to repair all the defects in the product caused due to faulty build materials or workmanship. Click here to get all the details on the warranty of the brand.

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Is It Worth Investing In Craftsman TradeStack Tool Box System?

The Craftsman TradeStack Tool Box System has ample storage to organize your tools and safely carry them anywhere. It comes with a comfortable handle, caster wheel, and footrest to maneuver it and move it around quickly.

The best thing about the whole unit is its cross-compatibility with the VersaStack system and other toolsets of the Dewalt brand. You can add different compartments and toolkits for the entire system and create a unique modular storage system.

In this article, you will find all the specifications and features of the unit. Go through every detail and make a wise decision before investing your money in the storage system.