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How To Start Husqvarna Leaf Blower

By : Your One & Only Leaf Blower Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Are you one of the lucky folks who just so happens to own one of these very special and specific leaf blower units? Well, then, you are in luck —- and today, you are going to get a chance to read something great and easy on how you can get the device started in the first place…. so that you can attack those fall leaves with no mercy, when all is said and done! Does that not sound like fun? Well, if it does, then stick around…. you are in for a treat…. starting right now…. ( and yes, I do know that the time for trick or treating has just passed not too long ago, he he he he heh…. but I still have a treat for you on this page…. )

How To Start Husqvarna Leaf Blower

So first of all, have your gasoline and engine oil ( of the 2 – cycle type as recommended for this model, by your user guide ) nearby and handy. A 50 : 1 ratio is what you want to go for here when you mix the two, so keep that in mind. Make sure your fuel canister’s full, or fill it yourself, and then proceed to clean the room in there, capping things off and then pressing down that primer bulb. Now I can already psychically guess what you are going to ask me next ( I told you I’m psychic, right? He he he heh ), which is, “Hey, Efrain, how many darn times do I have to press down on that primer bulb this time around?”.

And the answer to that, my friend, is that it can be up to 10 times. So be ready to press, press and press. After that, move your choke lever…. where? Left, of course. Always move to the left. And then, you are going to want to pull up your starter handle. “How many times, Efrain?” Thanks for asking, once more —- do it 3 TIMES! After doing so, move that lever to the central position…. in other words, right in the middle.

Pull your starter handle about three to five times more. I know, that’s some pulling, right? Starting a quality leaf blower like this one ought to save you at least a few bucks on paying for a gym pass…. get your work – out right here as you blow those leaves. Now, then, get your choke lever to the right. After moving it, you should now be able to move around and blow that leaf blower without any issues, all in all.

By the way, here’s a quick tip ( a free one… how about that? He he he heh ) : when you mix up the gas and oil together, you do not have to do it in an empty gas container or anything like that. You can mix directly so that the full amount goes right into the blower. Don’t waste a drop!