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What Are The 4 Steps Of Making A Compound Cut?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

What Are The 4 Steps Of Making A Compound Cut?

For those of you who might be new to this talking point, you have my sincerest welcome to the page. In the following short paragraphs, you will learn all you need to on this topic. You will also learn what in the heck a compound cut even is, in the first place, in case you were left wondering ( he he he he heh ) . So please read all of this below ….

Now first of all, I would like to point your attention out to this fact right here —– it’s the fact that a compound cut is just a hybrid cut of a miter cut and a bevel cut, at the end of the day. Mix the best of those two worlds, in other words, and you come to a compound cut. Neat, right? But keep reading, now …. there is so much more to talk about right here ….

I would like you to engrain this next fact into your memory and never forget it. It’s this : The very fact that this type of cut lets you hit both the head and the blade, all in all, at different angles and times, which can be so convenient ( based on your project or cutting need ) . I have learned much on how to make this type of cut just by watching some YouTube, and now, I would like to share much of it with you ….

Of course, there is no perfect 4 – step approach , but here is what I have found has helped me out …