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Best Portable Air Compressor For Semi Truck Tires

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

The budget + quality pick, this time, is this one —- ( I hope you like it … I chose it myself, and it has made many of my days happy, when I’ve been able to use it on my semi – trucks, ha hah ah hah ah ah ahh hah ha ahah ah ha h ah ) … Amazon.com: GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator Heavy Duty Double Cylinders with Portable Bag, Metal 12V Air Compressor Pump 150PSI with Adapter for Car, Truck, SUV Tires, Dinghy, Air Bed etc : Automotive

Now, then, the first thing that I want to say on this portable air – compressor for semi – truck tires is that it costs $ 63 of pure awesome. In other words, you get back every cent. You pay $ 63, and all you get is value and features … that blow your socks off ( hope your feet don’t smell, he heh heh ehe hehe he ) …..

I’d think it’d be more expensive – ish. But it’s not. And I am so ecstatic that it’s not. It must be selling in such high quantities everywhere, that those who sell it are able to lower the price ( remember the principle of supply – and – demand, which you may have learned in college or high – school? That’s that principle at work here, he heh ehe heh eh he hehhe he he ) . Get it all at once paid for, if you could. Or just finance it at $ 11.74. And since this is the best one for price and value, you would be doing yourself a DIS – FAVOR AND AN UGLY SLAP IN THE FACE BY NOT BUYING IT IN SOME WAY. It is truly a handy, dandy one you need at all times … especially if you’ve got a nice little line – up of semis yourself. Why not buy one compressor to go with each of them and store in the trunk? Just my suggestion to you, of course …. you do as you please, my friends ….

Now, then, I might also like to bring to light the very fact that it’s battery powered, has not one ( BUT TWO, HA HAHAH HAAH AH AHAHA HAH AH ) good cylinders with it, and last but not least, on this note, has rubber feet at its bottom ( form ones, to make sure this does not wobble as you’re inflating the air … it stays as grounded as a stone at the bottom of the ocean, he he heh he heeh eheheh ehe heheh ) .

Now when it comes to measuring the max psi … don’t worry about it. In fact, don’t even measure it …. I’ll just tell it to ya, eh? It’s 150!!!! And it can work on MVPs, SUVs and even light campers ( among many other vehicles ) , too. How do ya like it?