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How Do You Use A Ryobi Drill For Beginners?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

This is very simple, and you might even find yourself having some fun as you try out these steps for your first time, my pal ….

Thanks for coming to Efrain again for your advice on Ryobi – drill usage … and I do always love it when you visit ….

Now, then, the very first thing of all that I would point out is this — it all starts with charging the Ryobi – drill’s battery pack well. If it is not charged, of course, then over time, the Ryobi – drill will die out and lack the power to operate … simple as that. Just like with anything else that would use a charger ( like a phone, an electric tooth – brush, etc ) , it’s the same right here with your Ryobi. So please give it its life – force and charge it up good when it needs you to! It’s counting on you, ha hah aha hah ahaha ahah ahah ….

When you buy it and take it home for your first time, its battery will already be very low. This is a proven fact. The manufacturer says it’s your responsibility to charge it before using ( as it’s not charged much ) . So, it comes out of the factory with a low – charge? Yup … but no big deal … to not spend time all day waiting for it to charge up, just leave it charging the following night … and when you wake up in the morning, it ought to be through …. at full – charge now.

Next, after charging your battery pack, make sure to then lock your trigger, looking specifically for that ( see the manual for the image of it / the diagram ) direction – of - rotation button. Put it right in the central position. Keep it there and unlock your chuck …. now, you do this by simply just rotating it ( in counter – clockwise form ) . Hold the chuck … twist … no key required, with this kind of a drill … thank goodness ….

Put in your drill – bit straight in to your chuck. Rotate it the other way to tighten it, ensuring your bit ( most importantly of all ) stays straight. Put in the battery back by just aligning your drill’s groove with its rib ; latch it on to hold it in place. Push your center – button to choose how you want the drill to rotate ; of course, it can go forwards or backwards ( you’d just push it down in either direction … pushed in, or pushed back ) .

Next, be sure to put in whatever material you want to drill. Make sure that it’s touching right. Hold your drill handle and then push on the trigger to drill, starting very soft and slow … then increasing power / speed ….