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How Much Oil Does An Air Compressor Take?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Go straight to the manufacturer if you do not have your air – compressor user guide with ya … this can save you a whole lot of heart – ache. Do trust me as no two air – compressors are the same. As such, each one is unique, specially designed to take in a certain amount of oil. Now keep in mind the rest I’ll say on the subject ….

First of all, it is vital to know a bit more, such as the typical size that you will find oil drums for your air – compressors. And they usually come in sizes of 1L, 2L, 5L, and 20L. Though these are not all the sizes that exist out there, they are still the five most common ones.

Now, then, the general rule of thumb holds that, most of the time, if your compressor is a smaller one ( say, one that is typically an electric one with, perhaps, a 1 – HP or less motor …. HP meaning horse – power, my friend, he he he he heh ) , then it can use anywhere from about six to eight ounces of oil. So get a lubricant – oil container anywhere within that size range, typically, and you should be just fine. Others, however, do measure their quantities by quarts instead … be aware of that, please, and take it to heart ….

Now, next up, I want to show you this —- some compressor systems are indeed much bigger than that and can take, for instance, a full gallon ( aka 128 ounces ) . Now that’s a lot of oil, if you ask me. But I can imagine it must last a whole heck of a lot longer, in most cases …. so you’re buying more oil to have it for longer periods of use, you could say. Here is another bit of advice —- use your sight glass. Use your dip stick. They will both tell you if you already have enough oil ( and should not fill the compressor with more ) or if you do not have enough ( in which case, by all means, please fill up, he he he he heh ) . Looking at the tank ( as several of them come labeled, these days ) can also tell you what the max intake of oil is … once you fill it to the top, that’s how much oil total that it can take. Read the line markings and such, if they are present on the tank. The number or digits you see at the very top, by the top line for fill – up, can usually tell you just how much total oil the whole air – compressor can take. So if you lose the manual and can’t find this info online, just remember to follow that general rule I just mentioned AND / OR have a look at your oil fill – up tank.