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What Is The Advantage Of A Miter Saw?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

What Is The Advantage Of A Miter Saw?

The distinct advantage that having a miter – saw holds is this : First of all, it can make preciser cuts than table – saws can. No … that is a fact. I’m not just guessing here. And the very fact that you can cut by angles, with smaller sizes and even less lengthy pieces, make this type of saw most perfect for when you need a trim job done ( or something that requires extra, extra delicate precision and a perfectly sized or proportioned wood piece, at the end of the day ) .

That is why the miter – saw is truly my hero, when all is said and done. You know those other kinds of saws, like metal – steel saws that are circular or basic, one – directional table - saws, that can cut but not make angles or special wood crafts? They are all right, but if you were to ask me what I thought of them in comparison to having a miter – saw, I would say they stink ( in comparison ) . With a specialty – angled miter – saw, for example, I have been able to carve and cut out all kinds of back yard bird – houses ( like of timber wood or juniper ) , not to mention shelving for my toddler’s room, container boxes for storing extra products in my large garage, and just so much else. The ideas I have come up with, to be able to miter – cut and have fun with it all at the same time, are just limit – less. I have done so much and still have so many other planned projects to do, as well …. I’m having the time of my life, as you can tell, with my miter – saw …

And when it comes down to the flexibility and mobility of carrying these saws around, they far surpass table – saws, too, for instance …. that is because table – saws, as you will notice, are typically stationary ( and yes, even a bit bigger, heavier, and sometimes more expensive, too, he he he he heh ) …. meaning they are meant to typically live in one spot ( like the work bench or table in your garage, etc ) . They are not as versatile and meant to be carried around or moved around from a spot to the other …. unlike with miter – saws, which offer more variety in the work space, the cut, and so much more.

Are you sold on miter – saws yet? If you are, you ought to see some of these —- Amazon.com : Power Miter Saws

There are many kinds on that page, as you’ll notice, and I myself have used several of the DeWalt ones. I can speak to their quality. They truly rock!

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