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Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer

Be it DIYers or professional craftsmen, the Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer is the best option to achieve those delicate finishing touches on softwoods. It gives you the feel of the traditional pneumatic nail gun without an air compressor and hose.

Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer

If you’re also looking to add this Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer to your tools arsenal but are unsure if it’ll fit the bill, here’s an unbiased review you can rely on.

From the Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer’s key specifications and detailed review to its pros and cons, I’ve covered almost everything you need to know after its extensive usage.

So, let’s get started without any further ado.

Specifications Of Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer

Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer - An Overview and Features

Here’s a quick overview of the Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer to help you decide whether to buy it or not.

Versatile & Easy To Use

Designed for paneling, decorative trimming, crown molding, cabinetry, and clean finishing jobs, this Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer with 110 magazine capacity is a perfect handheld tool to own.

I’ve been using this product for months, especially in my finishing jobs.

Pre-Charged Gas Chamber

Since this cordless nail gun is fitted with a robust and high-performance pre-charged gas chamber, it drives the piston the same way as your conventional pneumatic nail gun.

However, your hands are relieved from dragging that bulky air compressor and hose around the workspace.

Lightweight & Compact

Talking about the nailer’s weight, this brad nailer weighs merely 6 lbs, which is praise-worthy. It’s compact as well, thus, easy to store.

Instant Reload

When we all talk about “cordless brad nailers,” one thing that constantly strikes us is the improper sunk nails. Right? This probably occurs due to air compressor lags. But with the Kobalt XTR, this isn’t the case.

Its instant reload technology, in conjunction with the pre-charged gas system, ensures an equal drive for all the nails without any air compressor lag. Thus, all you get is perfectly sunk nails as soon as you pull the lever.

For best results, use 5/8-in to 2-1/8-in long brad nails with your Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer.

Well-Balanced Control Panel

Talking about the ease of operation, I’d again give it a thumbs-up since the built-in control panel is not only intuitive but well-balanced with all necessary options, especially for beginners.

From turning on the nailer to switching between the modes, everything is a breeze.

Dry-Fire Lockout

Another special feature of this Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer that I like is the dry-fire lockout. Simply put, this feature prevents your nailer from firing in case of a nail-less magazine. Not only does this prevent damage to the tool but also to your workpiece.

LED Lights

Kobalt has also provided dedicated “low nail” indicator LED lights to let you know about insufficient nails automatically.

Do you often work during night hours and struggle with a proper light source around your workspace?

If so, the dual workspace-friendly LED lights on either side of this Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer will assist you.



How To Use The Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer?

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use your Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer.

Load The Brad Nailer

Load the nailer with 18-gauge brads. This particular model accepts 5/8-in to 2-1/8-in long brads. For smoother firing, use continuous brad strips.

Position The Nailer

Once you’ve loaded the brad nailer, position it on your workspace. Remember that the brads fire slightly apart from the contact point. Thus, mind the depression point accordingly.

Determine The Perfect Depth

For the best finish, it’s necessary to determine the perfect shooting depth. To do so, here’s what I usually do.

Take any scrap material with the same characteristics as your workpiece, like, hardness, thickness etc. Adjust the air gauge between Low and High. If the nail protrudes, you require more air pressure, and vice-versa.

That is, the air pressure is your focal point for depth adjustment.

Drive The Brads

Once the ideal depth has been found, you can drive the brads into your project. Again, be careful about how deep you drive the brads. It should not be too deep or protrude too much.

Final Verdict - Is Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer Worth It?

A big “yes.”

And here’s why.

This brad nailer is extremely lightweight at just 6 lbs against its counterparts that can go as high as 12-15 lbs. Plus, you need not fret about its storage, since the accompanying storage bag is just enough. However, you can purchase a separate bag if you want more space.

Being a woodworker myself, I usually deal with a wide range of woods for my projects, from oak (red, fir, pin, black, white, etc.), to mahogany and walnut. To my surprise, this Kobalt XTR Cordless Brad Nailer works with all, with no pressure lags.

This brad nailer also works well with mushy substances like MDF.

Being battery-powered, I also don’t have to bother about those long power cords at my job site as I move the nailer.

Overall, be it performance, design, or functionality, everything here is ideal for both professionals and DIYers.