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What Kind Of Compressor Do I Need To Winterize My RV?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Well …. a hearty ha hahah ahah ahah ahaah ( and I love to laugh ) … you finally asked me the question I never thought you would. And I want to talk. So let’s begin ….

What kind of compressor do I need to winterize my RV? Good that you’re asking. Curiosity leads to an answer … at least, when ya ask old Efrain, he heheh ehe heh eh eheh he….

Now first of all, I would like to tackle the question with this answer —- you need one like this : Amazon.com: VIAIR 450P- 45053 RV Silver Automatic Portable Compressor Kit, 1 Pack, Tire Pump, Truck/SUV Tire Inflator, For up to 42 Inch Tires : Automotive

It stuns. It wows. It rules. It’s the best around ….

Now let me share on this more ….

The 100 % duty – cycle on that compressor is so nice and rich … fancy, effective, powerful as it performs. What else can a guy want, in this, right? And this all implies that you can run the whole machine non – stop, in a sense ( no real need, unlike with other units, to stop and give it a rest ) . It’s portable, too — pick it up, take it around, show it to your friends and use it just about anywhere.

Plus, it is a $ 390 – AMAZON’S CHOICE top – of – the – liner ( as I sometimes like to call ‘em, maw hahw ahw hawh ah haw hawh ) . It’s right under 70 decibels ( 69 dcb … very cool and quiet ) . It runs by an electric cord that ya stick in the wall – socket anywhere … easy, peazy, done ….

Now, then, you might also like to get wind of the fact that it can even work at a dc of 12 – V ( yup …. what is as good as 12 volts, dare I ask? Only a few other selections …. ) …..

Plus, you have the very fact that it can work with universal types of applications ( so many, in fact, I couldn’t list them all if I wanted ) …. it’s marked as a Universal – Fit Type product, too …. by Amazon.com. And it’s the best one you can winterize with ….

It’s one of the lightest for portable … 18 lbs. is nothin’. You could probably even lift it with one hand. Now that’s cool …

And in addition to that, RV winterizing is much quicker and easier simply because there’s less stop – and – rest time, as I mentioned. It can inflate RV tires with auto – shutoff kicking in at the right moments, too. And of course, when you have auto – shutoff doing its job correctly ( and it does here, as many, many people beyond just myself and my friends would agree so ) , that means over – inflation doesn’t occur.