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Best Plasma Cutter For Beginners

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Who knew you could be so excited about plasma – cutting and looking for the right place to start, my friend? Well, perhaps you did! Or did you? Did you always have a passion for this sort of machine / work? Or was this something new?

Whatever your answer is, beginner, you are right to inquire — and are right to take interest in something new. Maybe plasma – cutting can be your next big hobby, and you can challenge yourself to make cuts of all kinds of new things? It’s amazing what you can learn to do here ( and with over 200 hours at the cutter myself, I can tell ya, I’m still learning something new every day, and I am beyond excited to keep learning, hah ahah ahaha haahah ) . Now, when you want that first plasma – cutter, you should look at the best one you can have. I tell you … the best, when you are a beginner, is none other than this — Miller Spectrum 375 X-treme plasma cutter 907529: FREE helmet, shipping, gloves

Newbies love this one. They line up for it, too, in some cases. It’s a perfect starter – project kind of a plasma – cutter, and I would love to praise it more ….

In fact, I will …

Now, you should know the very plain ( simple, too ) fact that this plasma – cutter is worth the full $ 1,829, so don’t think about the money ( just get it … it will pay for itself, over time, and give you tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of value ) . The weldable – materials that you can generally use for cutting, with it, are steel … this, in fact ( steel ) is also not a bad starting material, either …

Keep in mind that the input power’s great ( I will not lie ) — 120 to 240 volts and 50 to 60 hertz. It runs on a dc motor. It keeps things simple here. And in case you might find yourself worried about damaging it after your first couple times ( since you’ll be a newbie with using these machines, ha hah ahah aha haha ha hah, and I once was one myself ) , then just know that it comes with a Miller’s True Blue Warranty ( but only if you buy straight off of certain sellers ) for 3 years’ comp ( slang for comprehensive ) coverage. Pretty cool? Yup.

Want to know the welding – amperage range, just to be safe? No worries … it’s between 14 and 30 amps, all in all. Plus the net length of this item is 13.25 inches … very good.

The net weight is just 19 lbs. That’s something most people can carry. Very good to note, too. I hope you think on buying …