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Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler 48-22-8462

With the mission to create a completely cordless job site, Milwaukee has launched a wide arsenal of tools. The Milwaukee Packout XL cooler is another addition in the storage domain to its modular system.

It is one of the most versatile storage systems on the market. It has a durable exterior that is IP65-rated.

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The cooler can hold ice for five days and comes with ample storage space. Being part of the modular system, it can easily connect with other tools and accessories of the Packout series. You can customize your whole storage system and organize your items in a better way.

Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler 48-22-8462

Let us dive into the detailed specifications and features of the cooler.


Features of Packout XL Cooler

Impact-resistant body

The cooler is constructed with impact-resistant polymers, which allows it to withstand normal wear and tear around the job site. You can keep your beverages and food items safe in your cooler. No matter the environmental conditions, the tool is durable enough to hold all your items safely.

Integrated drain plug, bottle opener

The cooler comes with an integrated bottle opener and a drain plug. These features come in handy while working on any job site. You don’t need to carry a bottle opener, as you can open your bottles with your Milwaukee Packout XL cooler. The best thing is that you get a threaded drain plug in the bottom of your cooler. It allows you to drain all the excess water without opening your cooler’s lid. By draining the excess water, you can keep your ice safe from melting quickly. Besides this, the drain plug comes in handy while cleaning the cooler’s interior.

IP 65-rated protection

While working at a job site, there is no space to keep your food and beverages. There is a lot of dust, dirt, and other foreign elements, so you cannot keep your food items open in the space.

The Milwaukee Packout XL cooler comes with IP65 rating protection. This ensures that your food items and beverages are safe from external water and debris. You can stay stress-free as your food will be protected from all the harmful particles around the site. You can enjoy them whenever you need a break from strenuous work.

Ample storage with storage tray

Milwaukee Packout XL cooler provides ample storage for food items and beverages. You can carry your water bottle, drinks, and other items to your working sites.

The cooler comes with an integrated storage tray that helps you organize your items properly. You can keep your tumbler in the tray to hold it in place while enjoying your meal. Moreover, you can keep your spillable things in the tray to keep them safe.

While storing the items in your cooler, you can use the tray to keep your things above the ice. Its size and shape allow it to fit the cooler correctly and float in mid-air.

Better connectivity with other components

The Milwaukee Packout XL cooler is part of the Packout series, which has several other tools and components. The storage system has high versatility as you can combine the unit with different accessories and create an entire modular storage system. You can add a wheeled cart, toolbox, and organizer to create a customized solution. Here is an official link to look for all the components and build one yourself.

Side handles

The side handles allow you to pick the cooler and move it around with ease. Both handles feature an ergonomic design, which allows you to make a firm grip while holding the cooler.

What Makes the Packout XL Cooler Different?

Divider/Cutting Board

The Milwaukee Packout XL cooler incorporates a divider/cutting board, enhancing the storage unit’s versatility. The divider is made of a food-grade impact-resistant polymer, which increases its strength. The board also possesses cut-resistant properties.

The handle on the divider raises the maneuverability of the cutting board. You can take it in and out quickly.

The divider is relatively light in weight which makes it travel-friendly. You can use it to keep your food items and beverages. Also, you can use it for cutting purposes. Besides this, you can use it as a divider in your cooler and create separate spaces to organize your items correctly.

Metal Latches

The cooler comes with two metal latches that keep the lid of the cooler in place. You can pull them to open the cooler’s lid easily. As the latches are made of metal, they have high resistance against everyday wear and tear and possess greater strength than regular ones.

Cleaning Tips For Milwaukee Packout XL Cooler 48-22-8462

Is It Worth Buying The Milwaukee Packout Xl Cooler 48-22-8462?

The cooler is highly durable and features the ability to connect with other accessories in the Milwaukee tool range. You can easily build a whole storage system and incorporate it to carry your cold beverages and food items.

The cooler’s body features all the characteristics to keep your items safe from water damage and debris. Still, the decision to purchase depends on your needs and budget. Go through the article to understand all its features properly and then make a wise decision.