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How To Start A Leaf Blower

By : Your One & Only Leaf Blower Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

So the first thing you want to ask yourself is the type of leaf blower that you are going to be using : for instance, is it a corded leaf blower or is it a cord – less leaf blower? Once you have figured that out, my good friend, then you proceed to reading this blog piece and enjoyin’ the heck right out of it while you are at it, he he he heh. I hope you like this one…. here it goes….

How To Start A Leaf Blower

So first of all, let us just go ahead and assume that what you are going to have on you, in this case, is a corded electric leaf blower. This, for one, is perhaps the easiest type of leaf blower that you can ever start, I kid you not. So pat yourself on the back for getting one of these, and continue reading….

So, then, what you are going to want to do here is to basically just plug it in and flip that “on” switch ( which can look different and be located in one of many different places, depending on your year and model, but I can write a whole ‘nother blog on just that alone, he he he heh…. but check with your instruction manual for more details on that…. hopefully you still kept it handy, friend ) .

Now if it’s a cord – less one, then it’s usually the same process —- however, you do need to go ahead and make sure that a green ( it’s usually either green or red, telling you if it’s charged or not ) light is on. This means you do not need to plug it in, but you can, in some cases…. but it’s charged – up and ready to go. So just hit “start” ( or “on”, in some models ) .

But if you’re talking about a 2 – stroke type of gas – powered leaf blower, all in all, then things can look just a little bit different on you here. So pay attention closely here. You are going to want to slowly pour in the right amount of gas and oil ( and you watch YouTube videos for how to make the right mixture based on your model and such, which is always a fun step for me ) . Then flip your “on” switch, set your choke right over to starting position, and of course, prime up that engine bulb about 5 times. Pull your starter cord after doing so.

Hear the engine start up and run yet? Good. Let it do so for about a half – minute. 30 good secs is all it takes, then you can get to blasting away at those annoying little orange leaves permeating your entire front and back yard…. have at it!

Thanks for reading this. Remember to check out other reads on here. There’s much good stuff to read!