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Harbor Freight Icon Ratchet Gold-Plated

Harbor Freight is known for its quality products at budget-friendly prices. They launched their ICON series covering the hand tools and storage domain to compete with the other competitors in the market. Engineered for precision and accuracy, all the hand tools are fabricated to help the professionals get the job done perfectly.

Besides having several high functioning ratchets, Harbor Freight comes with a 3/8 inch Drive Professional Special Edition Gold Plated Ratchet. It’s a gold-plated ratchet with a 90-tooth precision gear mechanism for superior ratcheting. But, why did they design it? Is it different from the standard variant? Here, in this article, we will discuss the tool’s elements and see what makes it different from the regular ratchet.

Is the Icon Gold-Plated Ratchet by Harbor Freight any different?

Well, all the major companies like Matco, Mac, Craftsman, etc., have come up with gold-plated variants for their regular ratchets. Harbor Freight also launched its gold-plated ratchet to compete in the race. Besides, the brand wants to create a special edition collectible item for tool enthusiasts and professionals looking to own a luxurious tool set.

Harbor Freight Icon Gold-Plated Ratchet: Specifications, Pros & Cons, and Features


Harbor Freight Icon Gold-Plated Ratchet: The Features 

Longer length than the typical 3/8-inch ratchet

Most 3/8-inch ratchets have a length between six to eight inches. The Harbor Freight ICON gold-plated ratchet is ten inches long, allowing you to access tight spaces easily. You don’t have to squeeze your hand to reach the tight spot to perform the job. The extra inches give you the ability to complete the job quickly without damaging your hand.

High-performance tool

The limited edition tool comes with high-precision machined gears giving a smooth ratcheting action. As all the gears are fabricated by machine, there is relatively less chance of error. Thus, you get a high-quality tool that can handle heavy torque with ease. 

The hand tool comes with a 90-tooth gear-to-gear mechanism. It produces a 4-degree arc swing, allowing you to complete your job in small and tight spaces. So, you enjoy a fine motion with this ratchet compared to the other options available in the same domain.

Also, you get an on/off switch on the head to reverse the motion of the drive gear. The position and smooth movement of the switch handle allow you to operate the tool with a single hand.

Superior resistance to corrosion

The tool is made from chrome vanadium steel, which offers high resistance to corrosion and normal wear and tear around the job site. 

Besides this, the tool is plated with 24 carat gold. As gold is one of the least reactive metals, it further raises the resistance level of the ratchet against all the damaging elements. Moreover, you can use the tool for a long time without stressing about any severe damage from the environmental elements.

Beautiful aesthetics

The gold plating gives you a fine polished finish on your ratchet. The limited edition tool will add an element of luxury to your hands while holding it. If you love collecting tools, this variant will complement your toolset and improve its overall aesthetics.

Easy to clean

Besides providing an excellent look to the tool, the gold plating offers easy cleaning and maintenance. You can wipe it with a damp cloth to remove all the stains and fingerprints. 

If you wish to maintain a polished look, then wear gloves while working with the tool. Besides preserving the looks, you will get better safety for your hands.

Unique head design

The low profile head design of the ratchet allows it to enter cramped spaces with low clearance. The head features a drive gear that sits into it firmly to perform smooth ratcheting action. However, there is no quick-release button to release the sockets from the drive gear.

Comfortable grip

The ratchet comes with a comfortable grip design. The non-slip grip allows you to make a firm grip on the tool and perform the job with finesse. Besides this, you will enjoy reduced fatigue with this unique grip design.

Lifetime Warranty

The tool comes with a Harbor Freight hand tool lifetime warranty. The brand ensures that the tool is free from all the defects in its build material and workmanship. If the tool fails to work properly in its lifetime from the date of the purchase, then the company will replace it.

Click here to understand all the details regarding the limitations and other terms of the warranty offered by Harbor Freight. 

Pros & Cons



How Is It Different From The Regular Harbor Freight Icon Ratchet?

The gold-plated variant comes with similar features as those you will get in the regular Harbor Freight 3/8 -inch ratchet. The significant difference lies in the looks, price, and higher resistance to environmental damage and everyday wear and tear.

The regular one comes with a polished chrome finish, while the special edition tool has a polished gold-plated finish. Both hand tools are made from chrome vanadium steel that offers high resistance against corrosion and other damage. However, the gold plating in the limited edition variant raises the level and offers even more protection.

You can own the regular variant at 39.99 dollars. With the gold-plated variant, you have to spend 59.99 dollars to include it in your toolset. 

Is It Worth Buying Harbor Freight Icon Ratchet Gold-Plated?

The answer is a matter of personal choice. Even with a 3/8-inch ratchet present in its ICON series, Harbor Freight has designed a gold-plated variant. The special edition tool is more expensive than the regular variant and has similar features. 

However, you enjoy better aesthetics and resistance level with the gold-plated variant. So, if you want to own a luxurious hand ratchet or love to own collectibles, then this tool will cater to your needs. Go through all the features in the above article and make a wise decision factoring in all the elements.