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Best Drill Bit For Tile

Drilling on tile isn’t easy, and there’s a continuous risk of cracking the tile. That’s why most people either avoid it or call professionals to do the job. However, with the right drill bit for tile, you can easily drill through it without worrying about damaging it.

Regular drill bits for metal and wood don’t work on tile, so I have picked and reviewed the best drill bits for tile below in this article. Read the reviews of different drill bits that professionals and homeowners use for drilling on tile and porcelain.

Best Drill Bits for Tile: Reviewed and Compared 

Below I have reviewed these top drill bits for tile to help you make the right buying decision. Whether you need a bit for minor household tasks or professional use, you can quickly find the type you need.

Owl Tools Store Masonry Drill Bit Set:  Best Overall 



If you want to quickly drill through tiles of different thicknesses, consider buying the Owl Tools Store Masonry Drill Bit Set. There are 10 bits in the set, and you can use one depending on the size of the hole you want to drill. 

These versatile bits can easily drill through ceramic tile cinderblocks, glass, hard plastic, and various other materials. In addition, the standard HSS shanks and tungsten carbide tips improve durability while preventing the tile from cracking when you are drilling through it.

Also, the design reduces the drilling force you need to apply, and you can effortlessly drill holes in tiles and porcelain. Lastly, all the bits come packed in a travel-friendly case for convenient carrying and storage.



BOSCH GT2000 4-Piece Carbide Tipped Drill Bit Set:  Best Value for Money 



The BOSCH GT2000 Drill Bit Set comes with four bits of different sizes to handle various tasks. Whether you want to drill a hole for screws or attach a handle to the tiled wall, these bits are extremely useful. 

With the extra-sharp and diamond-ground cutting edges, these bits make it easier to drill through the porcelain, tile, and glass without damaging the material. Furthermore, the precision-ground tip improves the drilling speed and gets the job done faster.

Every bit features high-quality carbide construction with reinforced heads and three flat shanks for a prolonged lifespan. When drilling through materials like tile, the bit head wards off cracking issues, and you can easily drill a hole of your preferred size.

The only downside to these drill bits from Bosch is the lack of a travel case, so make sure to keep them secure.



NEIKO 00823A Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set:  Best for Tile and Granite



If you are looking to drill bigger holes on tile or granite benchtops, you’ll need drill bits like NEIKO 00823A. These diamond-tipped bits offer smooth drilling while warding off walking and cracking issues. 

There are five bits in one box, and you can use them for various applications. The build quality is robust, and the drill bits can easily be used for professional purposes. However, one thing most users reported is that the diamond layer wears off after drilling on porcelain because it’s a tough material.

Lastly, the 1/4” shank offers a secure fit, and you can easily drill through granite, pots, marble, and more.



Amoolo Masonry Drill Bit Set:  Best Multi-purpose Drill Bits 



Are you on a budget but need drill bits to drill through different materials? The Amoolo Masonry Drill Bit Set is an option you should consider. With five bits of different sizes, the kit lets you drill holes in tile, cement, glass, plastic, and other materials.

The revolutionary pyramid design ensures abrasion, resistance, and hardness while making it easier to penetrate through hard materials. You can easily secure the bit with any drill, thanks to its 3-flat shank.

Frequent use can wear drill bits, but that’s not the case with this kit. Every bit has tungsten carbide tips with a durable finish that prevents rusting. You’ll love the portable case these bits come packed in, and you can carry it wherever you go.



BOSCH GT600 1/2inch Carbide Tipped Tile Drill Bit:  Bet Bit for Enlarging Holes 



When drilling on tile, the most daunting task is enlarging holes. However, with BOSCH GT600, you can easily do that with maximum precision. Designed to work on tiles and porcelain, the drill bit perfectly penetrated through the material without cracking or damaging it.

The 3-flat shank lets you install it quickly with any reliable drill while offering maximum convenience. Talking about the design, this drill bit has a reinforced head with a centered tip and diamond ground-cutting edges that help the bit easily penetrate through thicker materials.

Moreover, the black oxide coating prevents it from corrosion and keeps the bit in good shape for a long time. You get only one bit, and Bosch provides no carrying case with GT600.



Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Drill Bit for Tile 

Unlike wood and metal, tiles are delicate and should be drilled with care. Thus, you need the right drill bit for it. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best drill bit for tile. 

Type of Tile 

The choice of the drill bit should depend on the type of tile material. For example, terracotta tiles commonly used for rustic décor are soft. You can use any standard HSS masonry bit to drill through the material without damaging it. However, a carbide-tipped bit such as BOSCH GT600 1/2inch Carbide Tipped Tile Drill Bit works well and lasts longer.

Ceramic tiles and porcelain, on the other hand, are hard and require a robust drill bit. You can consider a diamond-tipped drill bit for such drilling purposes.

Size of the Bit 

If you want to drill holes of different sizes, you should consider a set with multiple bits. However, if you want just one-size hole across the tiles, you can opt for a single drill bit. 


The coating over the drill bit enhances its lifespan. So, make sure to choose a bit with oxide or any other type of coating. Moreover, the coating makes the drill bit resistant to heat and abrasion, reducing walking issues. 

Tips When Drilling on Tile and Porcelain 

After selecting the best drill bit for the tile, you are all set for drilling. However, if you are new to this, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Go Slow 

Remember to go slow and do not apply too much pressure when drilling on tile or porcelain. Check how the drill bit is behaving on the tile, such as if it’s showing walking or cracking the tile. 

Choose the Size Carefully 

When drilling a hole in a tile, you should choose the size carefully. Some sets contain multiple drill bits, whereas some packs come with a single bit. I recommend drill bits with readings labeled for maximum precision drilling.


Test on a Small Piece 

Before drilling on the main tile, you should try drilling on a small piece to ensure the bit does not damage it. 

Wear Protective Gear 

Wearing protective gear such as gloves and eye protection  is essential when drilling holes in tiles and porcelain. 



Q: What drill bit is best for drilling tiles?

A: Carbide-tipped and diamond-tipped drill bits are perfect for drilling tiles. 

Q: Do I need a special drill bit for tiles?

A: Yes, you need a special drill bit for tiles, as they are delicate and cannot be drilled with a regular bit. 

Q: How do you drill a tile without cracking it?

A: First, choose the right type of drill bit, and drill slowly. Also, ensure you are not putting too much pressure, especially when drilling around the corners. 

Final Thoughts 

I hope this detailed guide has helped you choose the best drill bit for tile and other materials. Make sure to choose the bit depending on the factors listed in this article. Next, screw the bit properly with the drill and test the assembly before drilling holes. 

You are all set to use your drill on tiles, glass, porcelain, and other surfaces.