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What Is The Difference Between A Pressure Washer And A Power Washer?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

This is a terrific question that some people might get hung up on. Don’t let it eat you up. I have been there myself ; trust me. Either way, we will have a talk … I don’t want you to remain in the dark about this … let’s clear up the smoke of confusion on this matter, shall we? Please read more ….

Now, then, first of all, What is the difference between a pressure - washer and a power - washer? That’s the question of the day. The answer? It all comes down to a single word : Heat. The jet wash that you will find within a power – washer engages heated water, whereas the water inside a pressure – washer is, as a matter of fact, NOT heated. See the difference? But there is more to talk about here ….

In addition to this, power – washers hold a distinct advantage, as you can imagine. Since the water in them ( and thus, the water they shoot out ) is already heated up, this means they can apply more direct heat force onto whatever target they are aiming to hit. If they are trying to remove tough, stuck residue off any surface or item, then all the more power is applied here. Heat brings power, and hot, fast water hitting any target is much more effective than just plain, fast water. Mildew, grease, salt, grime, etc … are no match for the heated power of a power – washer.

And if you need a little tip to sort of help you remember which is which ( in case you use the two terms simultaneously ) , the just remember it all like this, my friend : A PRESSURE – washer just puts some PRESSURE on your target. But a POWER – washer applies the full power, and puts the full POWER, on to it. The FULL POWER ( heat and all ) is what you get there. So in extreme cases, you don’t want to just PRESSURE – wash. No, no, no …. remember, now … you want to POWER – wash.

Keep in mind, on another note, that both pressure – washing and power – washing, if you own a business, can require insurance. This can cover your rear ( for lack of a better word, he he he heh ) in the event that you end up accidentally damaging property, equipment or even personnel. Many insurance suppliers can get you a quick quote. You could even take out insurance if it’s just for personal or property coverage ( in case it’s not for your business ) . It’s a good idea, either way, because these machines operate at high powers / speeds and pose accidental risks ( even to the most careful users, he he he heh ) .

Anyways, that’s the difference between a pressure – washer and a power – washer.