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How Many Decibels Is A Quiet Air Compressor?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Decibels account for sound … the more decibels you have, in other words, the higher the decibel count …. the louder something or some area will be. Start there. Start by knowing that. Now first of all, to say all this would be insufficient without adding all that is to follow. Something with too many decibels can make your life a night – mare … anything producing too – high decibel frequencies can disrupt your work, sleep and other functions of the day. What can happen, I mean, is this ….

You become angry, groggy, and irritable. You never want that, especially when you have a busy life to live. Right? Well, just know that air – compressors are a wonderful modern gift from God to us, as I always like to say, but they do come with their downsides here and there. And one of them is noise, of course. But have you considered that there might, in fact, just be a more quiet sort of air – compressor ( and one that, to say the very least here, at least operates under a lower decibel count or range ) ? Does such a thing even exist? Well ….

They do. And tons sell online today. Thank God for progress. This is a good time to be living and using the internet, he he he he he heh.

Now first of all, I really, really enjoy using this one myself, in my very home —- EMAX 7.5HP 80 gal. Industrial 2 Stage V4 Pressure Lubricated Pump Single Phase 31CFM @ 100 PSI SILENT Air Compressor, ES07V080V1 at Tractor Supply Co.

They call it one of the best in the world. Just look it up on google and you will see all the praise it generates. It is indeed one of the top 10 quietest in the world, and my personal favorite. Don’t let the $3643.16 scare you … if you truly care about your silence and peace of mind, then you will go to any length to pay any price. That’s a fact. I feel like I, for one, simply can’t put a price tag on my mental sanity, rest, and ultimately, undisruption. And I live in a semi – loud neighborhood myself. My peace and quiet are literally my sanity, he he he he heh ….

40 – 60 decibels are what you will find some of the quietest air – compressors in the world to be at. That’s the perfect range. And this item I linked above is right around 50, it seems … and it reduces noise by about 35 decibels. That’s neat.

To give you an idea, 30 decibels is about whisper – level … a normal ( not super loud ) conversation is like 60 decibels. A full – running vacuum or lawn – mower, on the other hand, is like 90 decibels. Get the idea?

I hope you consider a product like the one above.