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Air Compressor Quiet Box - What It Is And Why You Need One

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Now the thing about writing my facts out here ( or in some cases, opinions, he he he he heh, based on experience plus facts, in any case ) is that I get to pour my heart out …. plus you learn a thing or two. And I always love that. Now, this time, my friends, I get to write on the quiet box ( ever owned one of these? He he he he heh ) . The quiet box is basically 100 percent what it sounds like, and it kicks butt and makes no apologies for what it does. The quiet box, in other words, is a product that you can buy from any one of many sources online ( or at some specialty stores, right there in person … but google this for more info to see if your location has an in – person provider or seller nearby, he heh ) . It compresses noise, in a sense ( to put it in no other way, he he heh heh ) much like an air – compressor can compress air … but it can work with your air – compressor and complement it as a product, which is super cool ….

The idea and goal here, of course, is to reduce noise from the outside in your home …. say, perhaps that you live in a very noisy apartment area, just next to the highway in the downtown of the capitol of your state. You hear cars running in and out, horns honking, neighbors yelling, cops driving by, people shouting, etc etc etc. In this kind of annoying scenario, a compressor quiet box can be perfect for you. It is made to drown out the noise and help you focus on your work ( if you work from home ) , go to sleep noise – free at night, and so much more. It basically makes noise and drowns out any sounds coming from the outside, which is especially handy if you happen to have very thin walls where you live ( and can hear literally anything and everything at all hours ) …..

Now, if you’re going to get one, might I suggest this one? I can vouch for it : Quiet Box for Compressor - Reduce Noise in Apartments and Engraving Events (highspeedengraving.com)

$429 is a good price. It’s a little lower than the standard average. And with this product, you get to run the compressor INSIDE the box, and it fits right in and does its job. Even when you have noisy live engraving events to worry about, you can turn this thing on and drown out most of that sound, too … it’s just perfect. Make sure you choose the right angle fitting and size / dimensions, based on the compressor you have. Thanks for reading! You have been an amazing blog audience….