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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Track Saw

People who have been using the woodworking tools by Milwaukee are aware of how anticipated the M18 Fuel Track saw was. After the announcement earlier this year, people are relieved that their woodworking experience with track saws is about to change.

What’s so special about the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Track Saw? It is a portable track saw that operates cordlessly and provides the finest quality cuts even when working with the hardest of all wood pieces. Moreover, it also collects around 90% of all woodworking dust.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Track Saw

This is just a glimpse at what this new fuel track saw is all about. Let’s help you learn everything about it before you can make a purchase.

Specifications of Milwaukee M18 Fuel Track Saw

Well, we are done with the fundamentals now. Let’s come to the point, and start with the specifications of the new Milwaukee M18 Fuel Track Saw:

You can consider buying the M18 track saw as a solo unit or a kit consisting of a dust bag, battery, rapid charger, and toolbox.

What More to Expect From Milwaukee for its M18 Fuel Track Saw?

Milwaukee is believed to implement rage in its woodworking tools and has done the same with its M18 track saw. This portable tool holds power similar to that of a corded track saw of 12 amps. The single M18 battery can harness that power and rage to cut down hardwood pieces.

This track saw perfectly combines the portability of a circular saw and the accuracy of a table saw. In addition, with the 90% dust collection feasibility, you will spend less time cleaning the workshop, eventually increasing your work efficiency.

Beyond these obvious efficiencies, some advanced technology and hardware implementations contribute to making this a stand-out track saw. Let’s discuss some of the features of this track saw that make it better than the competitor options:

High-End Power With Brushless Motors

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Track Saw is embedded with a Powerstate brushless motor. It enables the tool to rip off solid hardwoods with clean cuts and finish quality. They deliver better torque, durability, and application speed.

With the use of brushless motors, your track saw can obtain a maximum speed of up to 6300 RPM.

90% Dust Collection

The Milwaukee M18 track saw is embedded with a dust collection system linked to the vacuum or dust bag accessory. With the use of this feature, you can be ensured to create little to no mess around the job site by the time you finish using the machine.

You can specifically use the vacuum ports to cause less mess and speed up the cleaning process. Milwaukee M18 fuel track saw is compatible with 1-⅞” vacuum hoses.

Utmost Precision Cuts

The Milwaukee M18 track saw consists of a micro-adjustable depth knob and sliding depth scale to allow you to control your cuts. The depth knob allows you to set how deep the cut will be. At the same time, the depth scale enables you to make quick & accurate adjustments, to achieve accurate cuts.

Beyond that, the bevel has built-in stop points at angles of 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, and 48 degrees. It is an added feasibility that allows you to obtain quality cuts without missing out on the fine details.

Variable Speed Settings

You get the option to set the minimum or maximum RPM on your Milwaukee M18 cordless track saw. Using this feature, you can maneuver or get better control of your machine’s abilities while working on different job pieces.

Ergonomic Handle Design

You get an over-molded handle, which gives you an ergonomic slip-free grip on the tool. Hence, this will allow you to work on the job pieces for a long time without straining your hands.

Quick-Locking Blade Change Mechanism

This tool is embedded with quick-locking blade change capabilities. It will help you work with alternate blades by changing them easily without putting your work to a halt.

How Does the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Track Saw Work?

Milwaukee M18 track saw has the potential to cut through ¼” of plywood, solid hardwood, and 2” thick walnut/oak wood without leaving out blunt edges. However, like most track saws, Milwaukee also decides to stick to the standard 6-½ inch blade diameter.

This tool consists of a brushless motor that connects to the high-output battery. When powered on, the battery kicks in the power to set the speed of the blade up to 5600 RPM. You get an adjustable speed dial on the rear side of the saw, right below the battery compartment, to adjust the speed between 2500 to 5600 RPM.

You can use it to set the speed for your specific woodwork. You will get clean cuts, even when your blade has a high tooth count. There will be no bogging of the blade, even if you cut oak or walnut wood with it.


This is everything about the Milwaukee M18 fuel track saw, its functionality, working efficiency, and add-on accessories. If you have worked with Milwaukee tools before, you are already aware of their durability quotient.

Today, the brand is globally known for its M12, M18, and MX Fuel cordless innovations that replicate the high-end performance.

So, if you are a professional or passionate woodworker, this tool is something that will interest you.