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How To Use A Leaf Blower

By : Your One & Only Leaf Blower Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

If you want to get the bulk of those leaves out of the way, then a leaf blower is ideal for just that, my dear friend —- do NOT, however, make the naïve mistake ( as many newbies do from time to time, he heh ) of just assuming that you can get every single leaf out of there with the leaf blower. That would be a pain in the butt, to say only the very least, as I like to say. Because if you try to do that, then you may be there all day long using that leaf blower, and honestly, who even has the time for that these days? You know what I’m talking about….

How To Use A Leaf Blower

Now, then, what you really want to do, as I said, is use the leaf blower in this manner —- to go after the BULK of those leaves ( and yes, one or two, or a few, leaves, in general, may get away from you, but that is okay… speed, and not quality, this time around, is what really counts…. that is how you use the leaf blower best, at the end of the day, I kid you not ) . Get entire bulks of groups into large piles, and from there, gather by hand… or better yet, use a tarp. You can also pick up a few extras that remain as ‘stragglers’ later with a rake, but just blow the basic ones with your blower.

Also, make sure to turn on the vacuum mode on the blower, and you might be wondering what it is good for…. well, let me tell you. It basically works for harder – to – reach spots, such as those where a rake might not quite reach. Remember to work only in a single direction so that your work is done in unison and no leaves are scattered around. Plus, it will stop you from re – blowing the same leaves, in a sense, so that you don’t blow into certain areas piles that you have already worked your blower through. All in all, this helps to keep the order and uniformity, as I said.

Now, then, also bear in mind the simple fact that it is always wise to hold the blower right at your side, whichever side is more comfortable for you —- are you left – sided or right – sided? And while you do so, make sure to point the central part at a shallow angle…. the blower itself, of course. Keep that front end low, right near the ground, as you move it along. Keep the blower right in front of your feet as you gently move from side to side, and back – and – forth gentle motions will get the job done. We hope this has helped!

Make sure to check back on this page often for more great reads. Thanks for your time, my friends. As always, toodles!


How To Use A Leaf Blower