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Best Air Compressor Oil For Cold Weather

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Here is what you want for any kind of weather, my friend — Powermate PX P018 – 0084 SP. That’s the one for me. It should be the one for you, too. It’s the best one you can get ( cold weather and all ) . Now would you like to see what else I have to praise it for? And just how much I love it? In fact, I am coo – cooh for it, as some like to say ( but not literally crazy, though, he he heh eh eh he he hehe hehe … or am I? That is up to you to decide …. ) ….

Now then, first of all, the very first point I would like to have made here was that this compressor oil ( and shame on myself for not saying it sooner …. bad Efrain! ) is just around $ 14 ( when it’s available … and if it’s out of stock on Amazon, look at other places on the internet … I am sure someone should have it ) . That is a good price for this oil. It is a good price in general. Anyways, let me tell ya my two cents on why this is the best oil for your air – compressor needs in any kind of weather ( cold, no less ) ….

So, then, did you happen to know the fact that this oil starts off at 10 degrees colder than most of the other kinds of synthetic oils you may find for this very purpose? Indeed, and in case ya were wonderin’, I do mean as in Celsius. It’s better, in that sense, than most kinds of compressor oils, at the end of the day, and I am not exaggerating here in the slightest ( not a sole tad, even, ha ha ha ha hah ha haha ) . Not even a slight little bit ….

Now, then, you might like to know that it also tremendous increased wear protection, too — as a matter of fact, leading experts who have studied this oil have concluded that it even is 25 % better than most ( as in, most other synthetic blend oils that are out there ) . And this, as the natural result, simply leads to you having a longer – lasting compressor pump, at the end of the day. Nice, yes? Totally!

And if ya want to know the ISO grade? It’s 68 here. Not a bad one at all … not a bad one at all … not a bad one at all ….

Plus, the pour point sits at negative 40 degrees C, and the flash point at 238 C. Keep that in mind, too. Good oil for your air – compressor, especially when it’s freezing outside. In any winter month, it should do just fine … go and buy it. Keep some handy.