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Best Drill Bits For Metal

An optimal drill machine needs the right bits to penetrate the varying job pieces. There is a specific category of top drill bits for metal, plastic, and wooden subjects. 

You cannot use wooden or plastic drill bits for penetrating metal surfaces, as that would compromise the tool and the drill bit. 

Special drill bits for metal have ideal coatings and are made up of material that can withstand friction, resistance, and heat, which are common interaction properties while drilling through the metal pieces. 

If you are a handyman or a professional who works more often with metal drilling applications, then getting a good set of drill bits is a priority. So, here are the five best drill bits for metal to help make the job easy for you. 

Drill America - D/A29J-CO-PC 29 Piece M42 Cobalt Drill Bit Set


This is a Cobalt-Made Drill Bit Set with a gold oxide coating with 135 degrees of cutting angle. The set has 29 M42 drill bits, ranging from 1/16” to ½”. There is an increment of 1/64” in every bit more than the previous sized ones. 

The use of cobalt makes these drill bits capable enough to penetrate tough materials such as titanium, steel, and Inconel. The gold oxide finish on these drill bits acts as a lubricant for smooth drilling applications and resists wear & tear. 

It is manufactured with respect to the Aerospace Standard 907, and the speed is 30% more than the usual M2 steel bits. It has a rounded box that fits all the bits as a cluster. Well, this makes it easy for you to carry the drill bits around with you to the job site without letting them consume too much space in your toolbox. 



Hymnorq Jobber Twist Drill Bits


This set of 15 drill bits is made of M35 cobalt steel and has a bronze oxide finish. It also boasts a 135-degree cutting angle string. The Rockwell hardness quotient is 67 for these bits, as cobalt blended with molybdenum creates a heat-resistant alloy and strengthens it. 

It operates at 12 times faster speed than the average HSS drill bit. With the 135-degree cutting angle string, you can ensure that the drill bits won’t slip away from the centre or while drilling a metal surface. It helps drill through the toughened metal surface with minimal pressure. 

You can use it for drilling tough metal such as steel or cast iron. But, it is also ideal for drilling safely through soft metals such as aluminium or copper. You just have to adjust the RPM of your drill machine, depending on the job piece you are operating on. 



IRWIN Drill Bit Set, M42 Cobalt Alloy Steel


Hansong brings you an M42 cobalt-made drill bit set with a gold oxide finish and straight shank. It drills metal surfaces without heating up so quickly. The durability quotient is high, ensuring that these bits hold their edge even after it has been used for many drills. 

It might not be the fastest drill bit set, but it still has the upper hand over most M35 bits. It uses 8% cobalt in the steel blend, whereas M35 uses just 5%. Hence, the hardness quotient is higher with it. 

If you are a professional and usually drill a lot, then the case these drill bits come in will be a big deal for you. It is because you must be able to easily access these drill bits to work efficiently. Irwin brings you its three-tier swing case to help you access any of these drill bits easily by recognizing their sizes marked on the front. 



Amoolo 1/8” Titanium Drill Bits (10pcs)


These high-speed metal drill bits are coated with an HSS titanium finish, adding to their durability and resistance. Moreover, it is embedded with a spiral groove design that decreases the heat and friction for fast performance and cool application for a longer time. 

You don’t need to punch the centre before commencing with your drilling applications while working with these bits. This set consists of 10 drill bits of ⅛” each. There are different sets available with varying sizes of drill bits for your preference. 

The 135-degree split point is standard for all quality drill bits, and Amoolo has it. It helps maintain the centre position while you drill through the metal surface. It is compatible with drilling iron, steel, plastic, alloy, aluminium, wood and other soft metals. 



Milwaukee Red Helix Cobalt 29 Pc Drill Bit Set


Milwaukee is popular for its outstanding durability and prolonged longevity with varying tools. They introduced cobalt drill bits for penetrating metal and have a 35-degree helix angle, which tends to end at 15 degrees. The Quadedge tip of these bits prevents the buildup of heat due to friction and drills faster. 

The 135-degree split point helps you avoid making a pilot point before starting the drill. The split point at such an angle ensures no walking or wobbling over the job piece. You can obtain accurate holes over hard metal surfaces, wooden blocks and PVC sheets. 

You get 29 drill bits in this set that ranges from 1/16” to ½”. The tapered web technology enhances the core strength of these bits, and the variable helix works towards ensuring rapid extraction of material. 



Tips to Choose the Best Drill Bits for Metal

Now that you have options to buy the best drill bits for your metal drilling applications, you must narrow down your choice to one among the five to get started with your project or job. So, the tips for choosing the best drill bits or a set of them are:


These are the five best drill bits for metal applications that you can count on. Make sure you choose the bits, depending on the thickness of the metal job piece, to ensure that the bits do not experience damage. 

Beyond that, make sure that you are not drilling a flat surface by placing your drill bit at an off-angle, which might damage both the drilling machine as well as the bits.